Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wuwei Sista!

This past weekend one of the families we traveled with in China where in Orlando for a visit from Maine. It was so wonderful to see our girls interacting once again! I took so many pictures (approx 200+) that it was difficult narrowing it down to just a few for the blog. We enjoyed our time so much with Tammy, Doug and Caris that we are planning to venture out to Maine and visit with them sometime in September. We continue to meet so many wonderful friends in the adoption community and it almost feels like an extended family. We will always share a common bond. The wonderful support I've received during the referral waiting period and now thru the rollercoaster ride of toddler hood is priceless.

The month of April was pretty hectic and busy for us which is why I have not posted as often as I would have liked. My wonderful hubby and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and 11 years of togetherness in total. Every year is pure bliss. Thank you honey for being such a wonderful, caring, giving, thoughtful and loving guy. Thanks for always supporting and encouraging me to do whatever it is that I set out to do. I won the lottery the day that I met you!! :-) Additionally, this month we enrolled Kylie in a gymnastics class thanks to our good friend Jeanne who raved about it. She is right! It is a wonderful program and not only does it give Kylie and I the opportunity to interact with other kids and their parents but it also teaches Kylie some basic motor skills while having alot of fun doing it.

I barely have time anymore to sit down and jot down my thoughts. I'm sure you much rather see the pics anyway. So here you go!

Kylie at the Liki Tiki Village toddler pool

Kylie & her Wuwei sista, Caris

Forever buddies

I love that face!





We took the girls to Universal to see the Barney show. The girls think Barney is pretty cool!

The gang

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter weekend

Our first Easter egg hunt was a blast. Kylie quickly picked up on the idea of placing the eggs into her basket with just one lesson from her Daddy. She was on her own after that. We started off our morning with our good friends from Clermont and then we spent the afternoon with our cousins from Orlando. It was a fun filled day.

This past weekend was also met with happy emotions. I still remember the disapointing wait we endured for news of our referral last year. When we started the process the wait was holding steady at 6 months and then the wait got longer and longer. I didn't feel like celebrating the holidays. We finally got word in June after waiting 12 months. My heart goes out to those families who have now waited 17-18 months with no referral in sight! Only those who are currently going thru the waiting period can understand how difficult that is to endure. My thoughts and heartfelt understanding are with you. It doesn't mean much now, but once you receive the much awaited referral the wait will be a thing in the past. Hang in there!

Now for some pics:-)

The team

Why is everyone looking at me?
Proof that Daddy 'O got into the egg hiding spirit this year. "Try to make it a little obvious for the little ones, Hon". Thanks.

Once Kylie got into it, she shook every single egg to hear if there was anything in it.

These are Kylie's cousins from Orlando. Notice she was too busy checking out the goods to pose for a pic. Notice also that she, yes she placed the basket behind her. I'm almost certain that she was thinking mine, mine, mine her new favorite words along with no and more, more, more.

And finally...Mommy's favorite another scrunchy face:-)