Monday, February 23, 2009

Kylie LOVES this TV show currently on Playh*use D*sney Asia. It's called Dib* the Magic*Gift*Dragon. She lights up with excitement and loves to dance to the intro.  In fact, she just realized that I had a picture of Dib* on this post and ran to her Daddy and insisted that he come see. I believe it's of Korean origin. I'm not sure if this is playing in the states currently but it is as cute as can be.  I've added a link of the intro song I found on Y*utube so that you can enjoy the happy song that makes our beautiful daughter beam with such excitement. It's quite a catchy tune.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Chinese*New*Year

I know...I am soooo late with this post...I'm such a slacker!! Hope everyone had a happy Chinese New Year. Year of the OX! This is about a fifteen day celebration. We celebrated by going to Chinatown, hanging out with friends playing a game of golf and enjoying a yummy BBQ feast. There were plenty of shows and events throughout the weeks leading up to the big day. I enjoyed every single one we happen to come across especially the elaborate costumes featured in some of the shows. Kylie learned about CNY in school and was very excited about it. She got to enjoy a party in her school complete with dragon dancers and all the gold she could get her little hands on. The gold was filled with a delicious milk chocolate treat she so nicely shared with her mommy:-)