Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grooving to the beat part II

Grooving to the beat...

Cocoa Beach - Moon Festival weekend

Our first outing with FCC-CF. It was great meeting new families. It's hard to tell from this picture but Kylie was enjoying her new photography skills

Kylie's first time at the beach

Hand full of sand

Waiting patiently for a dinner table

Daddy putting together a kite for Kylie

Kylie and Natalie. These two had so much fun running up and down the hotel hallway and goofing around on this chair and we enjoyed watching them play
Piggy back ride

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gotcha Day Anniversary!

A year ago today at 8ish p.m. we were blessed with our beautiful daughter! We celebrated by having a nice quiet dinner at home prepared by our wonderful Chef aka "Daddy". We raised our wine glasses to toast, Kylie joined in by clinking her sippy cup and we reminisced about our grueling scheduled and emotionally charged 20 hr day a year ago today! We also went out for ice cream after dinner and took a few pics to remember our first anniversary. Oh my how how our lives have changed is an understatement to say the least.

Potty training is in full swing and we couldn't be prouder of our girl! I hope I'm not celebrating too soon but this weekend we thought Kylie was frantically trying to get our attention because she had to go...but in fact she came to get us because she had already gone! Yes, this actually happened twice this weekend and this is the first weekend that I decided to give the potty training a go. Our little Ms. Independant is so proud of hersefl as she should be and she is well on her way to training under pants. We are officially off diapers and on to pull ups for her convenience. She also surprised us this evening by putting 5 words together..."tac you mommy and daddy". I'm still not quite sure what she was thanking us for but we were thrilled. So far she has been putting two and at times 3 words together. Conveniently enough they help her get what she wants i.e. "I want more", "more daddy (or substitue for mama), p-e-e-a-s-e" and some other cute ones that are not coming to me at the moment. Another big thrill for me is the fact that she is now calling us mommy and daddy and her manners are no longer prompted by us 'all the time':-)

Our daughter has filled our lives with so much love and joy. We never take for granted how lucky we feel to have such a blessing.

Mommy and Daddy LOVE YOU SO MUCH baby girl! Muah!

October 2006 - Our precious baby

September 2007 - Oh my she is our big girl now