Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day/Birthday weekend

We had a wonderful father’s day weekend filled with lots of fun activities. Our weekend started on Friday as we headed towards the beach in Clearwater. We had a nice relaxing time and took lots of pics of Kylie enjoying the sand and water. We then headed over to Tampa where we spent the night at my brother & sister in law's house. Kylie played with her cousins Ani & Keane. The next morning as we were preparing to head back home to a birthday party, I asked my SIL if Ani my niece could join us for the fun filled weekend we had planned for Kylie. Not that we would have minded having Keane too, but it would have been to traumatic for him to leave his mommy. To my surprise and delight she said yes. Ani & Kylie played so well together and had such a blast. They played at the park, water play area and jumped around in a bounce house. There were lots of giggles as the girls enjoyed tons of food, sno-cones, friends and of course cake! There was a caricature artist and we had Kylie’s first caricature drawing done.

Finally we celebrated my birthday on Monday. I’m officially 40 something;-) Sean cooked us a scrumptious filet mignon dinner and then we had the yummiest chocolate cake for dessert. Sean had every little detail figured out and it was a wonderful birthday. If I had to sum up what the favorite part of my birthday was besides my wonderful husband going out of his way to make it a special day? It is the beautiful clip of my baby girl willingly wanting to perform her version of the birthday song on camera for her mommy. It just could not get any better than this. Enjoy!

Kylie, Ani & Ellie

Kylie's caricature drawing

Pool fun

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Digi layouts

I'm really enjoying learning about this digi scrapping stuff. It helps to have such a beautiful subject to work with:-)

credits: Paper by Digitreats, elements tbd, font Scriptiva

Credits: Paper by Digitreats

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A magical moment...

Imagine our surprise when we were able to see the princessess by just waiting in line for approx 10 min. This on the day when I chose to leave my good camera home because I didn't feel like carrying "the bulky one". Kylie was thrilled to meet some of her favorite characters. I snapped away with my little camera that could and here are the unedited pics. Enjoy!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Vacation pics

I'm happy to say we've been pretty busy. I wanted to make sure I posted more pics from our vacation because we had an awesome time and we can't wait to do it again. We've been enjoying quality time together visiting with whales, dolphins, rats and princeses. Kylie is enjoying spending lots of time with her Daddy. Just this evening she asked to dance with her Prince and I asked oh you want to dance with the "Prince"? She corrected me matter of factly and said no mommy "my Daddy is the Prince"...duh silly mommy. Anyway, it was precious. Sean of course was happy to dance with Kylie the princess herself was all dressed up for the ball. Kylie is talking tons and sometimes she speaks so fast we can't figure out what she just said as she tends to omit some words every now and then. She scolded Daddy today and it took us sometime to figure out why after their pretend snack. It turns out Daddy was supposed to excuse himself from the table. So you see, we have been quite busy enjoying quality time with our little one who has so much energy and keeps us on our toes. Enjoy the pics

I didn't want to end this post on a sad note but I think it is worth noting. This past Wednesday the three of us spent the evening at a Memorial service for a co-worker's daughter. She was 25yrs old and died tragically in a car accident Sunday evening. My heart aches at the unimaginable thought of anyone having to bury their child.