Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I started this post a week ago and never got around to completing it. We've all been SICK around the house. It seems to go back and forth between Kylie, Sean and I. Thank goodness I'm finally starting to feel a bit better. Sean had bronchitis, Kylie has had a sinus infection for about a month now and I now have a sinus infection too. Hmmm not at all contagious, huh? Sean and I have been sick this year more than we have been in the past 4 yrs combined. I guess we are starting to build up our immune system now...whatever.
Happy belated Mother's day to all the momma's and momma's to be! We didn't do much on Mother's day except for going out to breakfast which was lovely. I was gleaming and happy to finally spend my first Mother's day with the sweetest little girl of mine...oh and it was nice to have my sick hubby along too. I received a nice card and gift from Kylie and a sweet card and gift from hubby. Sorry I have no pictures to show. I received an 80gb hardrive. If you think that doesn't sound romantic or personal, let me explain. A while back I made a comment thinking that hubby completely ignored me about how I would go into total depression mode that would last a long time if I lost pics from China to current. We've lost data and pics before due to our PC crashing and I was just thinking how awful it would be to loose any pics since Kylie. I guess he WAS listening:-) Second, my car did not come equiped with a DVD player. Although I have a 15 min drive from daycare to our home, that trip can seem like a lifetime when Ms. Kylie is not in a good mood. Thanks to our DVD player I no longer have to fetch thrown sippy cups, crackers, toys etc to avoid a meltdown which ultimately happens anyway. I know, I'm waiting for my mother of the year award any day now.

I received this from Kylie/school prior to Mother's day and it made my heart melt. My eyes immediately swelled up with tears as I pulled it out of the bag it came in. Are you as impressed as I am with Kylie's handwriting?

Kylie and mommy having fun in the pool

Learning basic motor skills in gymnastics. We love this class! Thanks Jeanne for recommending it! We have alot of friends attending and we are trying to get Kylie's friend Lily to join us too.

Notice the glassy eyed, zombied look on Kylie's expression as she is watching whatever is playing on the DVD player. Priceless.

This was after breakfast on Mother's day. There is a pond next to the restaurant we went to. Kylie had fun hiding behind daddy's leg when the ducks started to come her way. She was getting a kick out of pretending the ducks where chasing her. Too cute!

Uncle Don & Aunt Nora sent Kylie her favorite gift - books!

Hanging out in our backyard earlier this year.

I've seen similar pics on other blogs and I thought that would never happen in my house because I keep the bathroom doors closed. I was shocked at first and then I had to run to get the camera.

Very proud of herself.

Having a blast with her cousin Cole.