Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or Treat!

We've been keeping busy every weekend and so far we've enjoyed going to Sea W*rld the best. They have trick or treating for the kids on weekends and Kylie sure got the hang of it from day one. At first she was very cautious and barely audible and now...she still is! Ha, nothing has changed except for the fact that she is not shy anymore about running up with her bag wide open for treats. She will not say a word unless we remind her to say thank you. The more we go, the more open she is about letting us take her pic with sea creatures and mermaids. The first day we went, she did not crack a smile for photos and now she happily gives us a cheese smile.

Kylie was sick this past week. Her Dad and I missed work due to a fever that lasted four days! We found out on the 3rd day that she had a double ear infection and bronchitis! Poor bean! She is doing much better now thank goodness.

The past few months, I've been staying up late at night surfing the net for items related to my new scrapbooking! I've collected freebie stuff for the past year and just recently decided to give it a whirl! I've had help from my patient hubby! Yes, I said patient hubby:-) He has been very patient teaching me how to use Photoshop and answering the same questions that I've asked again and again. I finally decided to take notes. I admit I was a bad student but I'm loving the results now so I'm getting serious about learning. I've also purchased a software called Fo*to Fusion which I primarily like to make collages with. I decided to share what I've been working on for your viewing pleasure:-)

Our familyThis template is by K&Company

We made an unplanned trip to the pumkin market and Kylie loooooved it! We had to keep up with her as she ran around like a crazy girl yelling "punkeen, punkeen".
Template by ladie sue

I don't remember where I got this template from. This was my first try at digi scrappin and my hubby helped....alot:-)

This layout is a work in progress. This was our second weekend in Sea W*rld. We met up with new friends Matt, Moly & Malone along with other wonderful families who have adopted from Vietnam. I wanted to share the photos of Kylie in full costume for the first time. She was our little angel:-)
Sampler from Digitreats

Finally our sweet Belle! This was taken yesterday. We met up with our wonderful friends the Zanegoods guessed it Sea W*rld.
This pic is for my friend Jeanne who I informed that we needed to go because it was now Kylie's nap time. This was 2-3 min into our car ride.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Geez! It's been almost a month since my last post. We seem to have plans lined up every weekend and work has been super busy for both of us. I haven't downloaded our recent pics off the camera (I know pretty lame). So I'll just leave you with a few until the next time:-) Kylie is 95% potty trained and has been for approx two months now. She is talking quite a bit now and has on occassion put 3, 4 and even 5 words together! She still loves to eat alot, is reserved around people for a while and she sleeps well through the night except for a few rare occassions. She LOVES playdates with friends and I really think she dislikes being an only child.... Kylie will not play by herself yet. There have been a few times where she will play without needing her daddy or I but it only lasts for approx 10 min. Baby steps. Now for some pics...

The Murphy's came to visit and the girls had so much fun together. We traveled with the Murphy's in China to get our Wuwei beauties. It is always a treat to see them and we look forward to spending time with them again real soon.

Our family anniversary day pic

Kylie likes puckering up to blow kisses or to say words like crackers, milk cookies, etc. Too cute! You know you want to try it...go it...

Our friend Ellie over for a visit. The girls are great friends and always look forward to playing with each other.

Kylie seems to like all of the dog's including her grandma's dog but she hasn't completely warmed up to our Bruiser. Poor Bruisy.
Oh yes - I almost forgot to mention...not!! The terrible two's are in full swing in our house:-) The moods can be irrational, unconsolable (sp)?, sobbing tantrums. I assumed she was picking up this behavior in school but most people I've talked to including our pediatrician said to me..."welcome to parenthood" Smile:-)