Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rest & Relaxation

Enjoying family time at the panhandle. Kylie is having a blast with her cousins. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, May 09, 2008

It's ALL about Family...

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies and mommies to be!

Daddy is home, Daddy is home!!! Kylie kept asking where is Daddy? The answer was always the same, "Daddy is working, honey". Then one day Kylie stopped asking and started matter of factly stating daily that her Daddy was working. This made us quite sad as that is not how we had envisioned our life to be once Kylie was home. Once it was made clear to Sean by his employer that this was the expectation, Sean and I had a heart to heart conversation and decided to no longer stay with his employer. Not another week nor even another day. It just seemed pointless to continue when it was expected and not appreciated. It is a decision that we did not want to have to make but one we felt was important for the sake of our family. We realize that not everyone has an opportunity to make those types of decisions and it was not an easy one for us either but one that we felt strongly about. HOLY MOLY - we are thrilled beyond belief and have not looked back! Both Kylie and I are enjoying having Daddy all to ourselves. For those of you who know Sean he is the most amazing, unselfish, giving, hard working, loving and funny guy. Projects are being accomplished around the house, and long neglected home improvements are now in full swing. I come home to yummy dinners and the BEST part is Kylie has been spending loving quality time with her Daddy. Sean picks up Kylie from daycare, they go to Sea W*rld, Mag*c Kingd*m and Aqua-tica together. I love to hear Kylie's excitement when I get home from work and she tries to explain what fun things she and her Daddy did together. We are enjoying and actually planning weekend outings together. Additionally, I am now working 4 days on and 3 days off and we have a wonderful beach vacation planned. Oooohhh life is good. We are very thankful to have a loving supportive family and caring friends. I especially want to thank my friends Robin and Jeanne for immediately going into action on ways to help us and always checking up on us. Your encouragement and support mean the world to me. We are very hopeful that the next career opportunity for Sean will value the work/life balance because we will not have it any other way. Life is too short to not focus on the stuff that is REALLY important to us. Starting a family did not come easy for us and we could not have asked for a more perfect daughter. We plan to enrich, cherish and nurture our daughter's life in every way that we can and that includes being there for her and loving her unconditionally. She fills our lives with so much love and happiness. She is growing up so fast right before our eyes and we are just in awe of her. Feel free to raise your glass with me and as my father in law always says "here is to family...everything else is bullshit". You gotta love it:-)

Fun with Daddy
Helping Daddy make breakfast

Preparing to jump
Kylie loves this and insists that daddy lifts her up as she giggles with such delight and I watch with panic hoping that her little shoulders don't come out of their little sockets:-)

If you wish upon a star...

Kylie giving her Dad instructions on where to go next

I love this pic! It looks like a portrait. It was taken at Disn*y's Fort Wild*rness while we waited for the bus shuttle

Lately, Kylie has been enjoying pretending to be the mommy. Too cute!

We have babies!! We wondered no more why the Ducks where enjoying hanging out by our pool so much. There was a lovely little nest behind one of the rocks by the pool. Bruiser was banned from going out in our back yard for a few weeks.

This was the ducklings 1st swimming lesson and they could not figure out how to get out of the water. After what felt like hours, Sean decided to build this little ramp for them. It felt like it took hours for them to figure out that they can finally get out of the water this way. Too stinking adorable!

Sean thought I was nuts for taking a picture of my new faucet to post but if you've seen my old faucet you'd be doing a happy dance for me.
Kylie inspecting Daddy's handy work

We rarely have pictures together (I plan to work on that). I finally asked someone to snap a picture of us and this is the result. Kylie was almost cut off and clearly focused on the ride and what creature was creaping out of the water next.