Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wuwei link to photos

When I received information on Kylie stating what province she is from, I immediately joined the Wuwei family group on yahoo. This group has turned out to be an excellent resource. They share lots of info and are very proud of their Wuwei girls. Two of the families I met via the Wuwei group Brad and his wife Amy & Lori and her husband Marc, traveled to China this past May to pick up their Wuwei beauties. They had the opportunity to visit the orphanage which families have not been allowed to do in the past and they shared their wonderful photos with our group. Although, Kylie is currently with a foster family and not in the orphanage, it is really nice to see where she was found and spent the first few months of her life. Brad did such a great job describing their trip, that I felt like I had just experienced it with them.

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did. I was secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of Kylie in the photos but she is not there. There are lots of other children in the photos possibly waiting for their 'forever families'.

BTW - I wanted to mention that Lori helped me by sharing with me a letter she used translated into chinese characters so that I can send a note to the caregivers along with Kylie's care package. I ended up using another letter that was in the same group's database. This is just one of the many resources I have obtained from the yahoo group. I also found two other families who are using the same agency as we are and as it turns out they will be one of the families Sean and I will be traveling with. I am very grateful for the support and camaraderie I have found in this group. This is getting so stinkin' exciting, I just can't stand it:-)


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