Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wuwei Orphanage

This is a photo of Kylie's orphanage in Wuwei.

This is where Kylie was found. She was discovered at the West Gate by a civilian on 8/22/05. This is the entrance to the orphanage also known as the Social Welfare Institute or SWI of Wuwei.

She was wearing red padded coats, wrapped in a floral blanket and there was no note. She weighed 7.92 lbs and was 20.47 inches long. The police searched for birth parents and relatives without success and then the police produced documents to pronounce her to be abandoned. She entered the orphanage where they published a finding ad in the Gansu newspaper to search once again for birth parents and relatives without success. The Wuwei Civil Affairs Bureau approved her to be sent to the orphanage to raise. They named her Wu Hong Ya. Wu comes from the name of the place. Hong means magnitude and broadness, Ya is an endearing term.

We also received information on her developmental stages from 1 month all the way through 7 months old (March). I may post the info at a later date. She is described as being active and lively, likes dolls and colorful toys. She shows fear and anger and she likes to smile before going to sleep. She is restless, likes to imitate, likes music, playing with toys, picture books, and she is obstinate.

Kylie was at the orphanage for approx 3 months. Since then she has been living with a foster parent. We've heard wonderful things about the orphanages and foster parents in China and particularly in Wuwei. They love and care for each of the children they look after as if it were their own. They grieve each time a child is adopted as they get attached to the children and the children also get attached to their caregivers. Sean and I have been surprisingly calm as we wait to receive our travel approval in a few weeks. She looks healthy and there is not doubt in our minds that she is being well cared for and loved. We stare at her picture several times a day and we look forward to the day that will forever change our life.


Carol Krechel said...

What a beautiful baby! We are so happy for you. Hope to see you soon. Love, Aunt Carol & Uncle Rog

Anonymous said...

DOLLS!!!!! She loves dolls!! Oh Judy we are so excited for you guys and so happy that we can all be a part of this exciting time for you!! We can't wait to meet her. She is a very lucky little girl to have you guys as parents!! I can't wait to go shopping for a doll for her! Love, Mer & Brooks