Sunday, August 20, 2006

Surprise baby shower!

Wow, this week was a blur! This is wonderful because the countdown is on and we only have 12 more days until we fly to China to get our baby girl!

On Thursday, my co-workers went to great lengths to surprise me with a baby shower!!! They were sneaking around and telling me all sorts of stories. I was supposed to be attending a surprise birthday party, except I was to arrive a few minutes later than the birthday girl....hmmmm. Of course, it wasn't as cut and dry as I just described it. This is just the short version of the story but that was just to give you an idea of what was going on. Everything happened so fast and I was surprised to see everyone there. I really appreciate all of the effort the well wishes, the great outfits, essentials and all of the love and support. I have to say THANK YOU Desiree and those who helped in organizing this beautiful shower in honor of our precious Kylie!!

I have posted just some of the pictures without the invitees as a common courtesy besides some are shy and I have not asked permission to post their mug shots on this site. Enjoy!


Ed and Lisa said...

How exciting!! It's us... your neigbors in O-Town!! I would to meet! I am adding you to my "In China this Month" portion of our Blog.... we'll be reading every word with baited breath!!

Safe travels!!
Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy! It's Kelly, finally getting around to reading your blog. That's great that they threw you a surprise shower. But after seeing how much stuff you got at the first one at your house, I wonder where you are putting it all! You'll have to build another room onto the house. Hee.

Can't wait to hear about your journey to China. So soon! Yay.