Saturday, September 02, 2006

1st & 2nd day pics


Fred, Jeanne and Ellie said...

Dear Sean and Judy,

Loving it! You look so happy!

Fred, Jeanne and Ellie

PS Fred is outside cleaning my car preparing for your return. I hope it lasts!!!

Anonymous said...


Love your blog! We are using the same agency as you, but we are LID in August. We have friends traveling with you and are anxious to follow your journey. Glad everyone is safe and sound, can't wait to read more!!! Congrats!! We will be thinking of all of you on Gotcha Day!! So excited for China 133!


Maria said...

Ni hao! Every time I see pictures of China I get "homesick" for it!! Enjoy every second and we will be looking forward to Gotcha day pictures!

Love, Maria and Lucy Qinmei from Wuwei

Barbara said...

I'm so happy for both of you. You guys are in China and tomorrow you get to meet Kylie. *Awesome* Look forward to seeing pictures of you with your daughter.