Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fun with Kylie

My body has not been able to adjust to China time so I have been wide awake since 2am. I've been able to sleep 4 hrs each night with an hour or so naptime in the afternoon. Great opportunity to journal thoughts that I would love to share with her later on.

The mtg with the orphanage directors offered a glimpse into Kylie's world pre-adoption. Her foster parents are in the railroad business. The Asst. Dir. wanted me to know that thefoster parents economy situation is better than most. She had a big sister too. She is a 16 or 17 yr old high school student. We think Kylie may have been a little spoiled. She is feisty and not afraid to express her dislikes. She loves to throw stuff (I guess she knows we will pick it up 100 times) but something tells me she is used to this and at times finds it humorous. She has a little temper and she is stubborn. Kylie enjoys the bus rides and the constant movement. It's when we finally settle in to the room that she has a melt down. We think she may be associating the room with a diaper change. The Directors are very proud of their Wuwei orphanage and are proud of the well cared for and healthy babies. They also jotted down the names and other info of the foster parents which I was very surprised about but very pleased. We can send them care packages via the orphanage. I need to get this translated from the Chinese characters into English from our guide. They asked that we provide updated photos of Kylie every six months for the first year or two. (Actually, I'm not sure for how long but we are more than happy to do it).

The Wuwei orphanage is fairly new. It was previously a retirement facility and as recently as 2000 it was turned into an orphanage for domestic adoption with participation in international adoptions. There are currently 800 babies for adoption with half being special needs children. Sean and I were astounded at this number. This is just one orphanage out of many orphanages in this huge country. Much to our horror, we were informed on Gotcha day that she slept with the foster parents. Picture jaws dropped and a look of confusion in both our faces. I'm happy to report that although she starts off on the bed, we are able to move Kylie into the crib provided by the hotel without a fuss. We know that she is not unhappy about this arrangement because she wakes up with an angelic smile on her face. I hope she's not saving it up for when we get home.

The pediatrician we are traveling with has been making his rounds giving our babies physical exams and aside from an ear infection in one or two of the children, they are all in great shape. Our princess has no issues so far. I brought every medication recommended and then some because I rather be safe than sorry. I would definitely recommend it to waiting families for peace if mind because every situation is different and who needs one more thing to stress about, right? Dr. Steve is absolutely wonderful and loves the children. He has also been caring for some of the adults who have unfortunately gotten sick possibly from low immune system due to sleep deprivation, grueling schedules, anxiety and food. In case you are wondering…I’m surviving on steamed rice for lunch and dinner with an occasional room temperature water or coke. The meal I look forward to is the western style breakfast at the hotel, everything from scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, bread, etc. It is my fuel for the day (and M&M’s). Sean has been a bit more adventurous tasting stuff that looks like chicken but tastes like pork. Kylie eats everything we give her, that is everything that doesn’t end up on my lap. She made pe0ple laugh yesterday by eating the food items that fell in her bib pouch. There is nothing we have not given her that she has not liked. Dr. Steve lets us know what food items to feed her which is a pretty wide range of foods. We are absolutely in love with this angel. To us she is beautiful, smart and a perfect match. She screams bloody murder when we change her diaper. I'm terrified at the thought and thank goodness I have not had to change her in public. Our schedules have gotten lighter and we often come back to our room. She is almost 13 months old and the size 12 months clothes are a little big. When we carry her around on our trips, she is fairly quiet. We placed her in a grocery cart yesterday and she was chatting up a storm, touching everything and at times waving at the workers. She will not wave on command. The first time we found out she can wave was Monday evening when we played with her outside our room. She got just far enough away that when I called her name, she responded with a smile and what seemed like a wave and dashed off. She often demonstrates her ability to climb out of the crib. We even snapped a photo of her attempting to climb back into it to get a toy. We gently and lovingly were able to coach her into not doing it. It's these little things that we continue to discover about her that make our hearts melt. Kylie's nick name from her foster parent is Ya Ya. It is a term of endearment and we find ourselves often using it.

Okay enough rambling, here are some pics.

Thank you for following our journey. Enjoy!
Oops sorry. I'm having trouble posting photos. I'll try again later.
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Fred, Jeanne and Ellie said...

Dear Sean Judy and Kylie,
I can see her now running Bruiser ragged. She will love the playmate and throw things for him to fetch. You also will see her delight in enjoying all the toys in her room. I bet she will last long in her crib and that you will be purchasing a bed in the near future. She has spunk and sounds incredibly social. Everything you detailed makes her seem so real, like I can see her. She and Ellie will get along great. I continue to read Krista/Lily/Dave's blog and enjoy learning about their travels in China. Please let me know if there is anything we can pick up (grocery, baby supply, or borrow our high chair) for your arrival home. That first morning might be a bit of a challenge without cheerios, eggs, or bagels. Just let us know and we can get it for you. Sunny smiles!

Samantha said...

She sounds like she will keep you busy! Congratulations again!

cmneli said...

Hey guys!!!

WOW WOW WOW!! I am so thrilled for you! I am truly enjoying all your posts and so happy for you!! Kylie is PRECIOUS!

Judy, you are becoming quite the writer! I love all your comments -you are doing such a fabulous job of documenting your journey!

Sean, your pictures are just beautiful! I want to read some of "daddy's" comments too! =)

Sorry it took me a few days to post - I kept trying to retreive my password - had to create a new blog account! I look forward to reading more as you go along!

Hugs to you all!! =)

cmneli said...

P.S. I went back and posted a few comments on some of your other dates =) Loved your pictures on snapfish!

The Poche's said...

Com'on Mom & Dad, how can a face like that not be spoiled. I love the pictures. You know you will have your hands full if she is already trying to get back in the crib. :)
LOVE the sink shot! Great scrapbook page material.


Robin, Joe and Natalie

Jim Durney said...

Judy you're doing a great job journaling this experience. By the way, can you spell "sleep deprivation"?

Colleen said...

The pictures are great! Thank you for sharing this journey!!

angie s. said...

Thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us. We are with WHFC LID 5/10/06, and know we have a long wait ahead of us... Your adventures with Kylie have been a pure joy to read, and have helped occupy our wait with happy anticipation. Thank you!

Hugs and best wishes to your family coming to you from across the world in North Attleboro, MA!

Angie, Paul, and Evan Servais

GRAMMY said...

So glad to hear Kylie is not a pickey eater, maybe she can teach her mommy to try some new foods too. Can't wait for her to have some of grammy's home made cookies. Looking forward to your homecomming next week.
Love Grammy & Pop Pop

Abby & Michael said...

It's wonderful hearing about your trip. Your daughter looks terrific. Your account of Dr. Steve checking all the babies brings back memories of him checking Mia and diagnosing her ear infection...luckily these kids bounce right back! Sounds like you have the same insomnia I (Michael) had in be it-like you said, it's a great time to blog and capture every moment. Keep up the great work, as it all becomes but a fleeting memory when you come home. I sometimes find myself turning to Abby and saying "did we really go to China?!" So bizarre. Enjoy the rest of your trip and getting to know your daughter. Once again, congratulations to you both! That wait was well worth it, as it will be for some of your other readers!

Michael and Abby

Anonymous said...

Judy, I'm finally getting caught up on your blog. I'm SO happy for you guys! Congratulations to you both. Finally, you are a mommy and daddy!

She's super duper cute. I hope I get to meet her at some point!

Kelly F.

Marilyn G-3 said...

Congrats to all of you. You make a good looking happy family. Your documentation of all of this is excellent. Kylie will soon learn how lucky she is to have you two as parents.{if she hasn't already} See ya soon