Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Last post from Guangzhou.

So first... Here is the last post we attempted to make in Guangzhou, but were unable to upload... Another try was planned for Beijing, but we didn't have internet access in the hotel. Sean.
I know we have been delinquent in the updates. Probably an issue of time, appointments (governmental and economic {shopping}), health and did I mention time? Well, to start, it is 2:40am in China and I am just done sorting through everything my wife and daughter bought... I think half of China is coming home. We have had a great stay in Guangzhou and finished out the last day with a ceremony at the U.S. Consulate. Kylie has recieved her Visa to the U.S. and will be considered a citizen upon entry through U.S. Immigration in Newark. No cameras or video permitted in the Consulate, but we did get some other pics... ever heard of "THE" Red Couch?
Tomorrow morning... $#&*! This morning we head to the airport and fly to Beijing, spend the night and fly out Wednesday.

We'll be home soon...
Sean (and family).

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