Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Legalized and notarized!!

Another exhausting and mentally charged day. We were up and out at 8am. We had our first picture taken as a family and we finalized the legal documets that say Kylie is officially ours!!! We spent 4+ hours in a warm room with screaming babies during the process. Our little princess was well behaved in our arms. Towards the end, we were called up to finalize our portion of the paperwork. To do this we had to have our finger prints and Kylie's foot print on the document. Well let's just say that our little princess did not agree with her foot print being part of the process. She just about had a little break down and it took about 10-15 minutes to console her. She finally fell asleep for approx 1 hour where we were then told to wake her up because the orphanage directors wanted a group picture with all of the families. Kylie was a bit teary eyed that we woke her up but she was soon very content to be with us. We were really surprised at her reaction. We have been very fortunate because out of our group of 11 or 12 families, she has been one of three or so that have bonded better than we could have ever hoped for. She has a bubbling personality and she is very curious and seems eager to learn. She pretends to read books. She also grabbed the door hanger in our room and proceeded to read in baby jabber of course and we were thrilled! I forgot to mention that she is walking although she is very content to have us hold her and we love doing it. She really enjoys looking in the mirror. I'll try to catch some video if I can. Also, before I forget, during the paperwork process yesterday, the nannies from the orphanage who had transported the children to our hotel, were there. The nanny who is shown in one of the pics we previously posted was so happy to see our Kylie and reached out to hold here. I was prepared to hand Kylie over to her assuming that she would jump at the opportunity and I was surprised to find that Kylie hung on to my neck for dear life. I made a few more attempts and she was not having it. Well this new mommy was very pleased to see that Kylie felt her new parents were pretty cool and she was hanging on:-)
We are learning so much about our little girl. We had the opportunity to meet with the orphanage directors in the afternoon so that we can ask them specific questions. I was a little surprised that including myself, only 4 parents showed up. However, I cannot begin to explain in writing the sheer emotional overwhelming exhaustion that some of the families are facing. No matter how much time you've had to plan for this moment, nothing can prepare you for this amazing life changing experience. What makes it a little tougher too is the grueling schedule and not having the creature comforts of home. Sean and I have been very fortunate to have such a happy baby and although she is cooperating and sleeping soundly, I too have not been able to get much sleep.
Our first full day as a family, Sean and I with very little sleep woke up ready and eager to look after our daughter. Taking in the realization that she was truly in the room with us. Our hearts were filled with such joy to watch her wake with smiles for her new mommy and daddy.
We also found out that she is not on formula throughout the day as we previously mentioned.
She has one bottle in the morning and one at night. The rest of the day she will eat whatever table food we offer her. We are very happy about that. We find her to be thin and tall but we do not know the official stats yet.
It is now 5am and I can't sleep. I've been composing this post for approx and hour. I have to wait for the proud daddy to load some new pics from our day so that I can share them with you.
To the waiting families, although I don't feel I have been doing a very good job in documenting, I hope that you find some comfort in learning through my blog what an amazing journey lies for you ahead. We waited through some long delays and unexpected hickups in the process for our referral. I found comfort in reading and seeing pictures from other bloggers and related groups. I just want you to know that although it doesn't feel like it at times, you will soon get your long awaited referral too. It will be love at first sight, you will not be able to focus on anything other wanting to get your daughter home and it will happen before you know. Enjoy every single moment!
My munchkin is up an hour early. Gotta run:-)


Fred, Jeanne and Ellie said...

Dear Judy and Sean,

What a wonderfully informational blog!! It was exactly what we needed to know about Kylie. She sounds like an angel and she is so very lucky to have found you. It's a real blessing to have an even tempered and obedient child. We are so happy for you and await (all day long in fact)your next blog. Sending our love to you all. Kisses to Kylie!

Aunt Shelly said...

Dear Sean, Judy and Kylie,

We've been following your journey for several days and my hats off to you guys! You have done an incredible job documenting what you are experiencing in this AWESOME chapter of your lives. (Way better than I would have done) We sincerely Thank you for keeping us updated given all of the emotions and hectic schedule you are facing! Be sure to take some time for the 3 of you! You deserve some downtime and enjoyment with your beautiful daughter! (Isn't it cool to hear that word - "daughter"..) We love you!

Mike, Shelly, Abby and Brady

Aunt Shelly said...

Hey guys,

I know I already posted a comment, but forgot to tell you something. Last night I was showing Abby your pictures and I pointed out Aunt Judy and Uncle Sean, and just as I was starting to point to Kylie, Abby says "and Kylie"...It took me by surprise so I said while pointing to her "who is this?" and she said "That's Kylie". I couldn't believe it. I was totally shocked. How cool is that? Never had she seen a picture of her before and she knew who she was. I think she must get it from when we say our "God Blesses" at night before bed. Now she has a picture of her too!

Love you!

Aunt Shelly

Colleen said...

I am so happy that your little one is adjusting so well. You are so blessed. I love following your trip and it does help with the hope that our time will get here one day...

MKBookWorks said...

Congratulations! The Best is yet to be - but this is pretty darn close!

Mom to Chloe Rose
WHFC China 129

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing this blog while you are in China. As a waiting parent, I find it incredibly helpful and I eagerly check daily for new posts! I am so happy things are going so well, and your daughter is absolutely beautiful...the pictures say it all. She looks like she has been with you forever.

I am learning so much about the trip and what to expect when we finally travel. Keep up the good work with the blog, I know it can't be easy with a new little one, not to mention the sleep deprivation! If you see Karyn and Alex, please tell them I said hello and that I am thinking about them constantly and praying for a safe return home for all of China 133. All the best to you.

Jim Durney said...

I agree that you have done a super job of documenting your journey. Thank you for sharing this. When I first saw you holding Kylie, it crossed my mind that Sean may now know what I felt when I first saw him. Isn't love wonderful. Dad

Lori said...

Judy and Sean:

It sounds like the bonding process is off to a wonderful start with your daughter. Katie Starr was one of the babies in our group who had the most difficult time. It took her about 2 months to really feel comfortable. Her foster family seemed to have an equally difficult time with giving her up. You have truly been blessed.

Katie is still on the morning and evening bottle at 17 months as it has been wonderful for bonding. She was tall and thin too when we got her. 31 inches and 17.5 lbs at 13 months (much too thin) She has filled out beautifully.

I have really enjoyed your posts - It brings us back in time to when we were in Lanzhou - Enjoy!!


Samantha said...

She is gorgeous! As a waiting parent LID 10/28/05 Thak You for thinking of us and your kind words!

Samantha said...

OOps I meant Thank You! I am enjoying your posts!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful and it is so nice to hear that the bonding is going well. I think we are using the same agency so I enjoy reading about your trip. It was so thougthful of you to remember us "waiting parents" and it gave me some hope today that our day will also happen!!

LID 1/26/06

Anonymous said...

As a WHFC waiting parent, it's been such a joy to follow your wonderful journey to China. Thank you so much for blogging in a sleep-deprived haze for all of us back home who wait patiently, patiently, for our day to come too. Best of luck!
LID 9/29/05

Anonymous said...

Judy and Sean, I am teary eyed reading your blog!!! But good tears!! :) I am just so happy for you guys and reading about how well she is adjusting and how she clings to you already is so sweet!! She is absolutely beautiful and your pictures are awesome. We can't wait to see her and you guys!! Everyone misses you, and just so you know, the girls have been talking about you guys and their new friend Kylie NON STOP!!!! Love to you all, give Kylie kisses from the Ellis family!!!!!