Saturday, September 09, 2006

Photo catch up... The village.

From Guangzho. New city, new opportunity... It looks like we are past the photo posting issues we faced in the NW province of Gansu. While we love SnapFish, having the picture in our post is always better.

A visit to the village in the mountains.

A proud great grandfather, farmer and head of household. Our local guide Steed w/ Kylie and two school girls.
In the small home of a kind family.The hospitable spread, accompanied by pears, steamed potatoes, asian dates and tea.Yummy dumplings for Kylie...
More to catch up on soon.



Fred, Jeanne and Ellie said...

Dear Sean, Judy, and Kylie,

How exciting! We loved the new photos! Keep posting away! I know you are enjoying the White Swan. You are too busy shopping and relaxing in a "western" style hotel. I promise to remember my camera on Thursday night. I put a note on my briefcase to bring it to school that night. We will be there with smiles on our face. The Zanegood airport shuttle is in the final stages of preparation! See you Thursday night! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo's! What an incredible experience to visit a village and be invited into someones home. Those pictures will be very important to Kylie and her legacy. Your trip is almost done! Can't wait to read your next installments.

Stacy & John
LID 8/30/05

Anonymous said...

Hey Neighbors!

We finally got back from our trip (what great neighbors we are to see you off at the airport!). Unbelievable that you finally have your daughter...she is sooo beautiful. She looks almost as happy as her parents in these pictures. We sure can't wait to see the Durney Family taking walks around the block. Kylie...remember that Aunt Lynn will always have gum! See you soon!

Lynn & Mario

sheryl said...


I have so enjoyed reading about your trip and your BEAUTIFUL little Kylie! She sounds like quite a ham! The Wuwei girls are so special, of course I am not biased or anything! :) Your pictures of Lanzhou brought back so many memories. Today is the two year anniversary of the day we met Linzi in the Sunshine Plaza Hotel.

Wishing you safe and pleasant travels home. Your real adventure is just beginning!

proud mommy to another Wuwei princess

Diane said...

I am so happy for you both, your daughter is amazing, Can't wait to meet her.. thank you for sharing.. Be safe...

Don and Be said...

Thank you for inviting us to visit your blog. We are enjoying your pics of your meeting up with Kylie. We should know about our TA real soon.
DOn & Be