Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some sights along the way...Pt. 1

Half way around the world, in a hotel room in Lanzou, with wife and daughter (DAUGHTER!) napping, I send you some thoughts.
Our itinerary has been full and our schedules complicated by somewhat unpredictable access to governmental officials or accelerated timelines for document completion…
When we left Orlando, I committed to documenting this trip to provide Kylie with visual memory of her journey. Little did I realize that armed with a digital SLR camera and a laptop came the burden of responsibility. I was quickly made aware by the other 20+ newbie parents that I had been promoted to staff photographer.

Clicking 200 shots a day, fighting the jet lag, no sleep, culinary challenges…
I took a selfish self-imposed 24 hour hiatus from all but the essential and irresistible.
I’m back snapping again, and thrilled at the results through the trip. Some of the blogging challenge is all of the photos are 8 mega pixel, limiting the number of pics per post.

I have Photoshopped some of the sights and experiences along the way.

Thanks for traveling with us…

The Great Wall

The accent.

The reward.

Pull up a chair.


Marjorie said...

Thank you so much for documenting your trip. It means so much for me personally to see the journey of another Wide Horizons family. Maybe eventually at the end of this long wait we will have a similar trip.

Fred, Jeanne and Ellie said...

Dear Sean,

These are very artsy photos. I completely adore the banana photograph. You are doing an excellent job documenting the trip. You should nap too! It is very important that you do. We look forward to hearing more soon. All our best! The Zanegood's

Samantha said...

I can't wait to see what you are seeing now!!!!!