Thursday, October 19, 2006

Baby proofing...

Kylie: What are you working on daddy, can I help?
Daddy: I'm adding latches to our drawers for your safety...
Kylie: Here let me test this new latch out...

Kylie: It works great!!! If I get on my tippy toes, Ican get my arm all the way in.Needless to say we thought we had the whole baby proofing thing covered. Once Kylie arrived home she quickly showed us that we under estimated her curiosity. She watches everything we do from opening drawers, cabinets and the oven. She learned that the light comes on when she opened the oven door for the first time. Now when she is hanging out with me in the kitchen she wants to hang on to the oven door like some sort of monkey bar and watch the light come on. Do latches for the oven doors even exist? Oh well, hopefully she will grow out of this phase soon but I'm sure it will not be soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Judy -
I am happy that you are writing again. I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading the "blog" and keeping up with Ms. Kylie's photos. You both seem to be adjusting nicely. When the going gets tough, just pray and ask God for guidance. He will provide you with all that you need. Have a blessed day and give my regards to Daddy Sean and kiss Kylie for me.
PS - I did get your phone message. Sorry I have not been able to call you back, but all is well! God Bless:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I was pleasantly surprised to see more posts/ pictures!

Judy-I need to call you and catch up, but I figured your first months were going to be hectic.

sounds like you all are having a blast!
love, Elizabeth C

Anonymous said...

Sean & Judy, the pictures are great! This blog is such a great idea to keep everyone in the loop. I can see you have your hands full :-)
Such a beatiful baby with well deserving parents. My thoughts are with you.
John G.