Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our Thanksgiving

I remember our Thanksgiving last year. I was longing for our daughter waiting for us in China. There were rumors of delays and tension was running high among the adoption forums. The uncertainty was starting to get to me. Fast forward one year later and the delays have been long forgotten. We are so thankful this year to finally have our little princess. Kylie has been home with us for 3 months now and to our delight, she has adjusted well despite all of the changes that has been thrown her way i.e. new parents, several hotel rooms, grueling flight schedule, new time zone, new home, new faces, day care, on and on.

It has not been all 'peaches and cream' though, our little princess started throwing tantrums if we didn't respond or feed her fast enough. She would throw herself on the floor and if she thought I didn't see it the first time, she would come up close and do it again. During her teething period (currently happening again), she even had...dare I say it...a sort of 'Jeckyl & Hyde' personality. One minute she would be happy and laughing and the next, she would be in total meltdown mode. Hard to believe with that sweet face above, right? However, all of that is minor compare to the total joy that fills our hearts now that we are together as a family. This holiday season will be extra special for Sean and I. We are enjoying decorating and planning kid friendly gatherings during the next few weeks.

Finally, I can't believe that I haven't posted this before. It is our homecoming video. My friend Jeanne captured this as we arrived at the airport. Thank you Jeanne! I will forever be grateful. Also, don't expect much from me at 1am after a 24hr travel schedule. I cringed when I watched myself especially the part where I'm chewing gum. I often criticize celebrities especially Britney Spears for chewing gum during interviews and now here I am. Oh well, it's not really about me anymore, is it:-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely! It was my pleasure to take the video for you!

I promise that Fred will copy that video for you. Things are hectic for him right now.

Big smile!

jeanne and ellie

Colleen said...

First off - I didn't even notice the gum chewing! I love watching that video!! Aside from how darn cute she is....I can see Mickey's hand in the background! (yes - Disney is my favorite place in the WHOLE world!!)

So good to see that she is doing well...aside from the tantrums. Now can I have mine, please?

Anonymous said...

hey Sis wow my niece is so pretty and she is getting big i can't wait to see her

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis Kyle is so pretty enjoy every minute of it

Love Yolanda