Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Home 4 months now...

These pics were taken in October. Kylie's hair has grown in quite a bit since then but I wanted to post these because they are some of our fun moments. First the girl loves to eat and second she gets excited about brushing her teeth. Let's hope the momentum keeps going.

Kylie also started saying a few words: ball, bubbles, 'dow' for down and bye bye. She says them constantly because she knows she will get an excited reaction from us. Alot of people ask me how she is doing in daycare and I'm happy to say she is doing great. She is blossoming and learning so much. She interacts with the kids well and the teachers love her. The teachers stopped talking baby talk to her when they realized that Kylie understands everything they ask her to do. We are very impressed by this as we thought Kylie may be delayed in the transition from Chinese to English. It seemed that she started understanding us from the 1st month that she was home.

We had a wonderful holiday and Kylie received lots of nice presents from our family. She opened presents by pealling a piece of wrapping one at a time and handing it to the closest person to her. It was so much fun to watch. We tried not to spoil her but it was really tough to do. We waited for her for so long and feel very fortunate to finally have her in our lives.

I'll post more photos and will finally try to load a video clip. I'm still having a tough time with blogger and this new google thing.

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