Monday, March 26, 2007

Scrunchy faces

Every week is loaded with new surprises from Kylie. She is starting to repeat some of our words at least once. So far she has repeated so many words that I can't even remember what they are. Lately, she said shoes, off, up, duck, cracker, night-night, stuck (in case you are wondering, I pretended to be stuck in her climber/slide) and so on. Also, it is almost impossible to take photos or video of her. She will scrunch her face for 2 seconds and then she runs towards the camera to see the photo that I didn't get to take because she ran towards me faster than I could snap the photo. I hope she gets past that stage soon because I'm missing out on capturing some great pics! I adore her scrunchy faces which is why I decided to post just that.

Here she is pretty proud of herself as I was completely amazed at how well she drank out of my glass.

What out of focus? Nope, she's just making a mad dash towards my camera while keeping the scrunchy face intact.

Our friend Ellie in the background pretending to snap a pic of me, while Kylie is determined again to see for herself. Yep, this is what most of my pics look like now.

And finally, I thought this pic was adorable even if it is out of focus. I know I'm being biased but I think she has the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen.

I'm not sure if we make her happy or she makes us happier. I could have never imagined feeling so proud and just bursting at the seems with so much love that grows stronger and stronger every day for our precious daughter.


Colleen said...

Well I am one to agree that she is one of the most beautiful babies I have seen!! Good lord is she ever cute!

The Katie Starr Team said...

Love those scrunchy faces. Can't wait to meet your beauty in person. We are looking forward to June.