Monday, February 04, 2008

House o' mouse

Kylie continues to impress us with her vocabulary each day. Just the other day we heard her tell her teddy as she was getting into the tub for her bath "teddy, watch me take a bath". Yep, 5 whole words together. Lately when Sean or I call her pumpkin she corrects us by telling us her full name. She is starting to count to 20 although the teens get a little mixed up. Too darn cute!! But if you are not a regular visitor with Kylie, don't expect her to communicate with you any time soon. She will often stare blankly so as not to make eye contact and she will not say a word. That is just fine with me because at some point I will be preaching to her to not talk to strangers so why pressure her now? Kylie is also refusing to nap on the weekends. I know that in daycare they can get her to nap even if it is for an hour but refusing naps already? She is only 2 1/2 aren't kiddos supposed to take naps until they are at least 5 yrs old? Also, although we have an evening routine, she is also not wanting to go to bed by 8pm. So needless to say, things have been quite interesting around here with our little 'spicy' girl and this mommy tends to be tired...alot. Our little girl is expressing herself vocally, pushing the envelope towards independence and we wouldn't have it any other way. We LOVE our sassy girl who can also be a little dainty princess.

And now the reason for the post title. We went to the house o' mouse today and I keep wondering if this place ever has a 'non-peak' season. We had a wonderful day and both Sean and I enjoyed the precious smiles and animated personality that come to life when Kylie is having a blast. I was particularly excited that Kylie enjoyed a hug from Minnie and even better, Kylie flashed us a cheese smile to our delight. Usually Kylie will mimmick her friend Ellie when hugging one of these characters but today she was on her own and boldly venturing out. We were all too happy to snap away hoping for that one fantastic photo. Too bad the sun was in her face as you will see. We finally redeemed our season passes today so we will try and try again for that great shot! Enjoy the pics!

Kylie's favorite thing to do whether we are at a theme park, zoo or grocery store! Up Daddy, shoulder!

Train ride!

Check out the piggies in the wind

According to Kylie all castles, whether they are in fairy tale books, movies, the fancy Morm*n temple not too far from our home or even the castles she builds with her blocks, they are all Cinderella's castle:-)

Waiting not so patiently to visit Minnie!

Isn't this Minnie wonderful? Is as if she had been waiting for Kylie all day:-)

A little dance

The sunny shot!


OMG! Did she really fall asleep in the car!?!?! Our sweet angel.


Anonymous said...

Dear Judy,
Great pictures! It looks like everyone had an amazing time at Disney on Sunday. It is one of our favorite things to do early in the day!

Just a few points:
Children start growing out of naps just about now. 2.5 is common to be reluctant to nap. She is right on track. Ellie is just a sloth and loves to nap at age 4.75.

There is no real "off season" to Disney. Long lines all year are pretty common. You went on Super Bowl weekend.

Kylie is super sweet and so when she fires off her independence it is just the flip side of that angelic persona. We love it.

We are looking forward to CNY next week! Lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are adorable! Especially the one by the flowers. I hope I get to meet her someday.

Casey was the same way about not talking to people she doesn't know. Actually, even with people she'd known since birth. Even now, at the age of 11, she's very quiet around just about any adult who isn't me. At least now she's old enough to be polite and answer direct questions. But yeah, it does make me feel a little better knowing she'd probalby never talk to a stranger, even if I hadn't told her not to a million times.