Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy April!

Geeez, it's April already?!?!

We had a lovely weekend. We went to Kylie's second movie this past Friday. Unlike her first experience in a movie theater, this time we didn't have to leave 20 min before the movie ended. Woohoo! We saw Hort*n Hears a Wh*. It was adorable and Kylie seemed to really enjoy it along with her popcorn.

On Saturday we had little visitors stop by our pool. A pair of ducks to be exact. Kylie and I were pretty excited and Bruiser was barking up a storm. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics. Sean then reminded me that it was all fun now but wait until they make our pool their home and dirty all over our patio. Always the voice of reason that hubby of mine. Well I ended up spending part of the morning scaring them away because they kept coming back. Eeek!

Later on Saturday we ended up going to Sea W*rld. I love it when we have no specific plans and we can be spontaneous on what we want to do for the day. We watched a show and then our water girl played in the splash area. We had a really nice time.

On Sunday, we started the morning off with bagels at our favorite shop and then off to the new water park Aqua*tica. We decided that annual passes were in order so we took the plunge. I LOVE living in FL! So much to do and wonderful weather all year round. Kylie is enjoying every minute of it and we enjoy every minute with her.

I love you baby girl!!!

This month will be very busy for both Sean and I. I'm looking forward to one weekend of lounging around by the pool and doing absolutely nothing, maybe next month:-)

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Anonymous said...

We were at Sea World on Saturday too! Too bad we didn't run into each other. I might have been able to meet the lil' one!