Thursday, September 18, 2008

Laptop caught a bug

I was going to create a cute layout of our wonderful weekend but I decided to surf the net one more time for that must have embellishment. Then, it finally happened...we caught a bug. Never mind that I have the N*rt*n antivirus protection on. These nasty, pesky little creeps still figure out a way to try to ruin a fun little hobby for me. Thank goodness my wonderfully, handsome hubby (yes I'm sucking up big time) is also a computer geek. I'm sure he'll get us fixed in no time. In the meantime, I've jumped on my desktop for a quick blog update and then off to bed.

Hubby and I have been trying to catch a movie at least once a month. It's a bit easier to do now with his wonderfully wide open schedule:-) Last Friday we saw the new movie "Burn-After-Reading". It was surprisingly a dark comedy and I guess I must like that sort of thing because I found myself LMAO!! We really enjoyed the humor and surprising twists and turns. Friday night we met friends at the park for a family movie night. The featured movie was "CARS" and Kylie talked about how she saw a movie with her friend Amanda the next day - too sweet! Saturday my SIL came over for sort of a day trip "a kinda we'll see how it goes type thing" and next thing I know we finally said goodbye to each other on Monday morning - lol!! I sorta had a little something to do with that. She mentioned that she would spend the night if she ended up having a cocktail or two and I made sure to give hubby the gentle nudge to bring them on. We went to our favorite stomping grounds, Sea*World and then we had a little play time in the pool. Thank goodness here in FL we can use our pool for another couple of months. Of course we also went to the park and the kids enjoyed the water play area. The kids played beautifully together and we all had a blast.

Lately Kylie has been into Princess and Pirates all on her own. She TELLS her Daddy that he MUST be the Pirate.

Family movie night at the park

Sea*World fun. Not sure what my SIL was saying. Was she singing Opera?
Water play at the park. I love this pic. And if you are wondering, what's with the hat? Sean had a fancy, shmancy chemical peel and must protect his face from the sun for a few days.

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Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Sorry your laptop is sick. Hope it is feeling better soon.

Fun times!! Kylie is getting to be such a big girl.