Thursday, October 09, 2008


Today while Sean was making dinner, Kylie grabbed on to his leg and said that she was afraid of ghosts. Since we want to ensure that we raise a fearless leader we encouraged Kylie to not be afraid because ghosts are not real. I realize though that some people may disagree. But for the sake of my story there is no such thing as ghosts:-) She insisted that there were ghosts all around at that very moment and she made the decision to confront them. Our little normally dainty girl caught a ghost. She then leaned over said imaginary ghosts and began to pummel "one" to the ground with her arms extending in and out, left and right her little fists clenched tight. I watched silently probably with my mouth open as she declared victory. I knew without a doubt that she must have learned this from a little boy or girl in class today. So let this be a warning to all ghosts, you are not safe in our house:-)


Kelly And Allison said...

That's so cute. Love it.

The Murphy Family said...

What an adorable scene!!! I almost called you last week from Tampa. I was thinking about you and Sean when I was drinking a 'Shock Wave' (with orange)!!!!

Love 'ya,
Lisa, Jim, & Madi

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

She is one powerful girl!! ;-)