Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kylie's 1st family portrait

Recently, Kylie's artwork turned from scribbles to very carefully thought out circles and more concentrated scribbles. She would name for me what she drew and I would encouragingly (is that a word) say "oh is that what that is - I see - great job"! Then the other day she drew a picture of Bruisy our dog and darn it I can't find that piece of artwork anywhere. But it did look like a pretty good version of our dog for a 3yr old and she even drew ears on it. I actually thought Sean helped her with the shape of the head but he looked just as impressed as I did. Then her drawing progressed to people with arms sprouting from their heads. On Tuesday on a short drive to school with her Daddy, she asked for a pad and pen. Sean was so proud of her work and made sure that Kylie showed me as soon as I saw her later that day. At the tender age of 3yrs and 2 months she drew the 1st of what I'm sure will be many more to come family portraits. Notice how proportionate the scale is for Sean and I compared to herself and our dog. I am so impressed and of course had a little knot in my throat as we mark another milestone of Kylie growing up way too fast in my eyes. Do you suppose this is how Picasso started out? -- wink.
It's funny too how one of my favorite sitcoms this past Sunday had a scene in it about children's family portraits from the child's p.o.v and how embarrassing it can be at times for parents - yikes!!

Credits: Kensington QP-One memory at a time - GDS


Donna said...

That family portrait is soooo sweet! Great job, Kylie!


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Anonymous said...

What a great little artist!

Also, Desperate Housewives! "I did draw you, Daddy. Right there." "You mean the little bug with the hat?" LOL


The Murphy Family said...

That is truly incredible!! She draws better than I do, that's for sure!! Love it, great job Kylie:)

The Zanegood said...

Dear Judy,

No, after closer analysis that is not Sean its FRED! He only has hair on the sides of his head.


Lovin it!

Shana said...

She may well be a Picasso! Wow! I saw that sitcom too and thought "oh, I hope my kids' teacher doesn't ask them to do that". LOL!

Beverly said...

very good family portrait!!