Sunday, April 05, 2009

View from our new Site office

Our dept. recently moved from the Corporate Office to the new office closer to the construction site. We have a fantastic view of the port and I can see Kylie's school right outside our window. Aside from the shuttle bus driving dangerously close and feeling like it can tip over into a huge crater, being closer to the site is pretty darn cool. We get to watch history in the making daily.

Allthough, I'm a bit shy about this next piece (yes, I'm shy so stop laughing), it is out there and I might as well share. Also, the fact that my hubby posted it on his FB page and my friend Jeanne said I need to post it here:-) I was honored to be asked to narrate the next webcast update for the park. Although I'm only in two scenes, it took several shots (too many to count) to get the one that appears here

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Barb and Ken said...

Judy, when I click o the link, it asks for a login. What do I do?