Saturday, May 30, 2009


Kylie is an early riser and late to bed. We often struggle to get her to bed at 10pm or even 11pm. She is usually up by 7am or earlier. When she is not venturing out of her room to come join us in ours, this is what we find...
Of course, her Daddy laid the comforter out ever so neatly to get her to stay in her room this time around. There were times that we found her sleeping on her small area rug and it made me sad. Whatever it takes for our Princess to get some rest so that she can grow up nice and strong. Even if I wished she could stay this little forever:-)

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Kelly And Allison said...

This is so cute. My two kids are the same way. They will not go to bed till 10:00pm. I am worry about when Kelly starts kindergarten.