Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

It's hard to believe that our little princess is starting Kindergarten. Kylie was pretty excited as we had visited her new school a week before and we all loved it. Not only are we delighted with the facilities and resources the new school has to offer but we are also pretty thrilled with her new teacher Ms. Shave. Kylie has to get up extra early as the school is a bit far and classes start earlier than what she was used to in Pre-School.

Kylie gets to ride in the same bus as our friend Hannah who was also our sitter for a while and a new friend who just arrived here from the states. They are both in the pics below. There are two other girls from our condo who are also enrolled in the same school and are a bit older. My biggest concern was that Kylie would be traveling in a school bus with older children. I don't believe this is common in the states. This is no longer a concern as these trips are very well organized with "Auntie's" in the bus to help children get into their seats, assist with seat belts and everything seems to be pretty calm.

Kylie was wearing her PE uniform as this is what was on the schedule for her 1st day. Judging by the pictures that the school posted, Kylie and her new classmates had a blast.

So on her first day of Kindergarten, Kylie was also celebrating her 5th birthday and had a loose tooth all at the same time. I wish time would stand still for just a moment because everything seems to be happening so fast.


Barb and Ken said...

Hi Judy. I am so glad all went well for Kylie the first day of school. Emily had a great day too. We feel good that she is on the bus with Kara, her sister.

Happy birthday to Kylie. I'm so glad to see you posting again.
Take care,

Shana said...

I just popped in on your blog wondering if you were still posting. So glad to see this update! Congrats to Kylie on starting Kindergarten. She is so big! Mia just started K this year too. Time flies way to fast doesn't it? Thanks for updating.

Judy said...

Barb and Shana,
Thank you so much for checking in and leaving a comment!! I honestly didn't think anyone was checking in as I haven't posted in over a year. I plan to catch up on previous posts and look forward to hearing from you.

Shana, Your blog is now private and I would love to check in every once in a while and say hello. Let me know if I need to do anything.

Thanks again and looking forward to keeping in touch!