Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We are paperwork pregnant!!

Our paperwork finally made it's way to Taiwan recently!  It has been a loooooong process.  We actually started on our second journey in October 2007.  We finally updated our paperwork to reflect our major life change in Singapore just last October. I knew I was procrastinating for a reason.  The renewal felt like we were starting from scratch all over again.  Long story short, we are now looking at adding a new addition to our family very soon.  If all goes well, we have been informed that we can complete the adoption process in 6 months!  Our hearts are open to receiving the referral of an infant or a toddler.  

This past weekend we enjoyed a 4 day stay-cation. It all started on Friday when we attended our first ever and hopefully more to come, Student Led Conference.  We were very impressed with this program as Kylie got to show us around her school and share a portion of what she has been learning in her own words. Then we followed up with lots of R & R by the pool side.

Kindergarden teacher Ms. Shave
 Kindergarden class room
 Perceptual motor
 Art show - Butterfly art by Kylie

 Pool for primary grades. There are several in the school
 Music class
 Computer class
 Proud of her monkey bar skills
 Refreshing drink in the traditional local packaging
 We baked cookies


The Murphy Family said...

wow! what a school! Can't believe all the advanced things Kylie is doing!

Congrats on your pregnancy:) We'll celebrate this summer!!!

Kelly And Allison said...

Congrats!!! How exciting.

teaha said...

i came across this blog last year while searching an info about racial harmony day which u've mentioned in 1 of your post,and became a frequent visitor ever since.

im happy for kylie to have such an amazing parents.and just know i learned that there will be a new member touched!congrats and wish you a very good luck.i would love to see their captured moment as they grow up.

regards from malaysia!