Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off to China we go!!!

Here we go!!! Cheesy smiles:-) I'm feeling giddy with excitement! We've been waiting for this moment for what seemed like an eternity. We started this process 18 months ago! Our flight leaves Orlando to Newark at 6:45am. We have a ride to the airport picking us up at 4:15am! I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight. Seriously does anyone sleep through the labor process;-) We will be meeting with some of the families we are traveling with when we get to Newark. A group of us have already bonded throughout the loooong waiting period. Now we will finally get to meet in person. The best part is that we will finally get to hold our daughter this Sunday! Oh and I also had my fill of all of the comfort foods from the good old USA days before leaving like Chik-fil-a, Panera, Chipotle and milk shakes. The next two weeks will be tough as I do not have an adventurous palate! But wait, this is no longer about me though, is it...


Lori said...


May you and your husband have a safe and joyful journey to Kylie.


Sebastian and Iliana said...

Sean and Judy and Kylie,

Iliana and I wish you a happy family trip back to the U.S.A. We can't wait to meet you Kylie!!


Anonymous said...

Sean and Judy, you will be meeting my son-in-law and his Mom today in Newark. I hope you have a great flight to Beijing. I can't wait till Sunday when all of you get your babies.
Barb, mother-in-law to Corey Film

Jim Durney said...

Enjoy yourselves. Be safe, and bring my newest grandaughter home.


Ellie said...

Sean and Dudy!
I am so hapi for yu! Have lots of fun in China. Blog lots. Giv Kylie a kis from her friend, Ellie Skye Zanegood. Oh, Mommy says, Hi!

Zi Jian!
Ellie Skye

The Moore's in NY said...

You should be in flight right now. Enjoy this trip of a lifetime. Maybe next time we are down in Orlando, bothering the Zanegood's we will get to meet Kylie. Have fun. Can't wait to read about your adventure.

Jeanne said...

Dear Judy,
It's Sept. 1 and 820am so you are probably eating dinner (or a granola bar ) right now. Blog! Blog! Blog! How was your flight? Love ya!

Abby & Michael said...

Have a safe trip! Did you have dinner across from the Wang Fu Jing Hotel tonight? I remember that meal like yesterday! Dr. Steve and his wife will take great care of you! Say hello to him from Abby, Michael, Matty and Mia! We'll be following your trip! Write me at if you have any technical difficulties!

Janell & Wyatt said...

Safe journey! Best wishes for a wonderful experience. The best things are worth waiting for!

Nicole (SummersComing) said...

I'm a newer reader to your blog but I soooo excited for you both! Will be reading along with my fingers crossed!

Nicole (SummersComing) said...

I *am* sooo excited.........(sorry)

Anonymous said...

HAve a safe and wonderful journey, the fun is just beginning. Will love to read about your adventures, memories of a lifetime for sure!

take care,
Elizabeth & Dan

Dylan Pike said...

This is a copy of the comment I sent to Uncle Michael.

Uncle Michael Harrell ,
I gave you a warning to remove the comment from SabastianMom. Now its on. It's time for a little riddle Michael. It's a football riddle, you'll love it! In football a kicker will punt. On the night before yor wedding, what did you call your soon to be wife? Do you C what I mean by DIRTY!

P.S. It ryhmes with punt!
your nephew, Dylan