Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Terrorists and plane crashes and hurricanes...OH MY!

Nothing sets the mood like news that directly affect the most important day of your life! I already have issues with flying and these recent news reports aren't helping any. Oh please let us make our connection thru Newark on Thursday! I'm looking forward to traveling with other families in our travel group. We already looked into leaving Orlando a day or two earlier than scheduled but it just wasn't meant to be. The good news is that this stupid storm is now just that, a tropical storm and not a hurricane. It can still screw up flight schedules not to mention the turbulance, UGH!

Due to "storm preparations," my fury baby is now with the sitter a day early. I miss him terribly:-( He's having a blast.

Stay few posts will be China or bust!!

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Anonymous said...

See, all that pre-packing you started 2 months ago, came in handy :) I heard you guys did leave yesterday. If you are able to read your blog, we are thinking about you guys and wish you safe travels. See you in a couple of weeks!!! YEAH!!! Love, The Ellis Clan