Monday, August 28, 2006

Three more days until we travel....

I can't believe it, just 3 more days before we travel!!! The weekend was spent shopping for travel items and packing! Kylie's stuff is pretty much packed. Who knew babies needed so much stuff!?! One of my errands included my fury baby Bruiser pictured here. A friend of ours who also has a miniature pinscher will watch Bruiser for the two weeks that we are gone. I couldn't be happier because she knows his personality and loves him almost as much as we do. I still can't help but feel a little sad having to leave him for that long. My husband keeps telling our dog that he is getting demoted when we get back! I say I've got plenty of love to give and Bruiser will be loved just as much when we return as we have loved him for the past 5 years that we've had him. He is a wonderful dog, curious and quite the entertainer. He loves sunbathing and he loves people more than he cares for other dogs. He is however beginning to wonder why he is no longer allowed to play with the new toys...hmmm he'll soon see why:-)


Anonymous said...

My son-in-law, Corey, and his Mom are traveling Thursday to get Emily who is from Wuwei. You must be in the same group. I know you will all have the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, sounds similar to our situation with our 9lb yorkie-poo who thinks he's a human, is spoiled rotten, sleeps with us and is glued to Jennifer. He's going to have a rough time when we come home with Teresa, but I'm sure there's plenty of love to be shared.


Lori said...


We also had a miniature pinscher who unfortuately passed away just before we left for China to adopt our Katie Starr.

He was a wonderful dog and we loved him very much.

I can't wait to start following your journey. May you have a joyful journey to your daughter and home again.


Ed and Lisa said...

We will have to wave as we pass you in China! How exciting... just a few more days and hopefully no Ernesto!!

We just got our CA and it looks to be on 09/21... but we have a very short trip even with the Beijing portion... looking at the 12th-21st... plans should be firmed up tomorrow.

We'll be tracking you right along side of Ernesto... can't wait to see you guys with Kylie!!

Hugs form your neighbors!
Lisa :)

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh - how did I never know about your blog before? And you live in FLA? Orlando? My fav. place in the world??

All the best to you on your travels to get Kylie. I can't wait to follow your trip! CONGRATS!