Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Birthday pics

Our dear sweet princess is now 2 yrs old! We celebrated her birthday with a pool party at our house. We had lots of family and friends over (approx 50 ppl which included 16 kids). Everyone was really excited about celebrating this special occassion with us. We are truly blessed to have a loving family and wonderful friends. It was definitely Kylie's day. She did not take a nap that day (down right scary) and she went swimming at least three different times throughout the day. With that much activity I really thought we would see new levels of crankiness. Low and behold this little tot had a great spirit, at times she was cautious around new people and she loved showing off her swimming skills. At 8:45pm she was still not ready for bed! Thank goodness for warm milk and books, she did not protest about having to stay in bed and she was out like a light within 10 minutes. Whew!

The Birthday Girl!

Notice the D*ra stickers on her leg? Don't even think about asking her to take them off. I did and it wasn't pretty. I'm learning to pick my battles. I never thought I would be trying to compromise with a feisty 2 yr old. Stickers are compliments of our friends Robin & Natalie. Thanks guys!
Great friends united through the wonderful world of adoption. Jeanne, Krista & Lily should have been in this picture! They were just a few feet away watching us pose for this pic.
Our little fish
Proud mommy

Yummy food

No toy was left untouched in Kylie's room. Of course, Kylie suddenly had a renewed interest in her toys again!

I'm still not sure if Kylie really blew out the candles.

Proud parents
Yum, yum, yum, yum...delicioso!

My sweet niece helping Kylie with her gift. These sunglasses came with a cute swimsuit set.
We only opened gifts upon request. We felt that it would be too overwhelming for Kylie. Judging from this pic it would have taken a very long time to get through most of them. They were really paying close attention to detail!
Did I mention we have a sweet angel?

Pool fun with her cousin Cole

Our fearless dare devil jumping into the pool

Daniel, his dad and Kylie. Daniel's mom and I have been friends since we were young kids, oh... 30+ years give or take- Yikes!
I love watching Kylie laugh and having lots of fun.

And last but certainly not the least our great friends Mer, (left) and Lizzy (right) These ladies were amazing and helped us keep this shindig together. They helped with everything from prepping the food and getting the food out ready for guests, to cleaning everything and anything, assisting and greeting our guests to finally taking all of the pictures featured here and then some! If it were not for them, I would not have a single picture to post or share the memories with Kylie. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mer and Lizette for all of your help! I love you guys!! You are the best!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe she's already 2! OMG, she has a tiara on her head. How cute is that? And I love the little pony tail. Happy birthday to Kylie!


cmneli said...

I thought of you this weekend and Kylie's birthday - It's clear by all the pictures that a great time was had by all! Kylie has grown so much in the past year - she really looks like a little princess! =) Her personality "shines" thru all her pics - what a cutie patootie!

Happy Birthday, Kylie!
Love and hugs - Neli =)

Colleen said...

Oh what fun!! Love all the pics and Kylie looks so cute. 2 years old...wow, time flies huh?? Looks like a really great time. Happy birthday sweet girl.

Lily's Pad said...

What a beautiful girl at 2! Although "the wait" seems that it takes forever, time sure flies after that, dosn't it?! My girl is 4 and it still seems like we just got her referral yesterday.......