Monday, August 27, 2007

Final homestudy complete!

We are excited beyond words to finally have our last homestudy completed as of yesterday by 5:30pm. What a huge difference this HS was compared to the first one 2 yrs ago where I dusted off base boards and literally wiped down the walls. Nope not this time...I barely mopped the floors as I was too busy keeping Kylie entertained as we waited for our wonderful little friend Ellie to arrive for a playdate. I felt at ease and we were eager parents waiting to bore our case worker to death about all of Kylie's milestones. Kylie just moved to the 2yr old classroom in day care and potty training is a big focus in this class. In her first week, I was told that Kylie is ready for pull-ups! Can I get an oh yeah!! Also, Kylie is talking tons. She repeats at least one word from our sentences and she is putting together two and at times 3 words together. Kylie can be really silly and loves to laugh. We are in love with our little angel and we are continually thankful for our little blessing. She also loves to swim and I've taken the liberty to present our first video thanks to blogger's latest update. I have not taken the time to get acquainted with other softwares that allow for video so this new feature is a + +. Enjoy watching our little fish.


Anonymous said...

That's so good! I love that she says "GO!" each time.

Also, you can tell she takes gymnastics, because she did that little finishing thing with her hands at the end. Ha.


Anonymous said...

Kylie we expect to see you on the US Swim Team in the coming years. This video has inspired us to get Kylie's Little WuWei Sista Caris into swim lessons this fall..... Love to you all the WELSH's

Lily's Pad said...

WOW! Her swimming is amazing. No fear for this little one. And so cute too. You can tell she just loves it soo much!


Farrah said...

Did you get her swimming lessons?

She is a doll...
I will be joining you at Sea World. We adopted from Guatemala!

Gail said...

Stumbled onto your blog.
I love it.
I can not believe your little Kylie can swim like that!!
Wow!! She does so well for 2yo!!
And those dimples!!
She is adorable.