Thursday, November 29, 2007


Has Thanksgiving really come and gone already! Geez, I guess time really does fly when you are having fun:-) So many activities have occurred this month that I will have to recap at a later time because I am really pooped tonight. Oh, did I say poop?!?! Kylie poops in the potty in school and at our friend Jeanne's home but she decides to take a break when she is at home with us. Sometimes it is a bit frustrating to me but I try to remind myself that this is a stage she is going thru. I bet she will love reading this part when she is a bit older:-) She is also talking up a storm! We are definitely enjoying this stage. She is easily amazed and our favorite part is when she yells WOW Daddy or WOW mama. It just melts our heart. She occassionally says 3-4 words together which is great. She is enjoying the holiday decorations around the neighborhood and we are looking forward to all of the new excitement this holiday season is sure to bring.

A new princess has arrived!!! Not in our home but close enough as we get together often with our dear friends John and Lissette. This morning they welcomed Alyssa to the world at 4:30am and we couldn't be happier for a nicer couple. We look forward to having Alyssa join in our gatherings. We love you Alyssa!
Proud new parents on the left...excited friends on the right:-)


Thanksgiving luncheon at school. Kylie loves Ms. Ashley!

Movie star sighting in Disn*ey

Thanksgiving Day. Fun with Grammy


Anonymous said...

Dear Judy,

WOW! She is a beautiful baby and the Utz's are incredibly blessed. Alyssa is a lucky baby to have such kind and loving parents. Your babysitting skills will come in handy for their date nights! Remind them now that they should go on 2 dates a month at least.
It's important! So important!

Colleen said...

Pure cuteness!