Friday, August 08, 2008

Fun with family & friends

On Saturday we went to New Smyrna to visit with family. Sean was having such a great time he decided to spend the night. Since we have a little doggie at home, Kylie and I came back to look after him and it turned into a lovely girls night at home. On Sunday we had the pleasure of having Ellie over for the day. Kylie LOVES hanging out with Ellie so we had a wonderful day together. Once daddy got home early in the morning the activities started. The girls played in the bounce house, went swimming and baked cupcakes with Sean. After the girls had their nap time we went to our favorite hang out Sea*World. We love that place! The hospitality suite is a nice bonus for us grown ups to take a little break while the girls enjoy feeding the ducks. This past Wednesday we also had the pleasure of looking after Natalie while her parents went on a much deserved date night. After a long day, bounce house and swimming the girls were still bouncing off the walls! I cannot believe that I forgot to take pics of our wonderful evening.

All in all it was a busy week and the following week will be even busier. We are preparing for Kylie's birthday party next Saturday. Our baby girl is turning 3 and growing up way too fast (sniff, sniff).

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Don and Be said...

NSB - my favorite beach!
Wish we could join the festivities for Kylie's b-day. Y'all have a great time!