Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pics and things

Is it really the end of July? Every month seems to be flying by. I know I'm always saying the same thing but that is exactly what it feels like.
I'd like to say a quick congratulations to Don and Be who are finally home with their beautiful china doll. We look forward to meeting Joanna Mei very soon. By the looks of it you guys are already giving her the tour around town.
Congrats to Tammy for jumping in the Sean band wagon to spend time with family. It has been and continues to be an awesome experience for us. I know it won't be long before Caris becomes the world traveler with all of the traveling you guys do already. I hope that means you will frequent FL more often:-) We will definitely come meet you and will probably wear out our welcome mat at the Bonita Springs Estate, lol!
Barb - I am so thrilled to hear that you continue to follow our journey. The girls are growing up so fast. I loved seeing the reunion pics and Emily is beautiful! I use the Foto Fusion software as it is by far the easiest program to use for the simple layouts. It does not require a learning curve. I'll send you the link soon. Thanks for posting to let me know you are checking in:-)

Now for some pics:

I love this pic of Kylie with her Daddy. She adores him and so do I:-)
Our big girl!

Future blogger:-) Kylie has now successfully learned how to navigate the right handed mouse although she is left handed. We may eventually purchase a left handed mouse.
**Can one of you bloggers out there help me figure out how to enter double spaces in between paragraphs? I've tried several options and nothing seems to work. Thanks!**


Don and Be said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Judy. Jet lag is almost over with and we'll have to get together soon.
Blessings to your tribe,
Don & Be

Barb said...

Judy, thank you so much. I can't wait to get the link to the software. I love doing things with my grandchildren's pictures. And I'm so glad you saw the reunion pictures. Kris and corey said it was a great time.
Nana to Emily Xian