Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend outings

Wow, I didn’t mean to wait so long before my next post. We have been incredibly busy enjoying quality time with our family and friends. We are having a fantastic summer and we don’t want it to end.

Last weekend we attended Lily Keefer’s 3 yr old birthday party. Geez Krista can you believe you are the mom to a 3yr old?!?! The theme was Strawberry Shortcake and the decorations were oozing SS all over. It was beautiful and Ms. Shortcake herself made an appearance. Kylie had a blast and kept inviting SS to her house. It turns out Kylie wants everyone to come to her house now. It’s her new thing. The party was all beautifully planned and executed. Great job Dave & Krista! It was also my niece’s 4th birthday. She lives in Tampa and we were sorry to have to miss it. Happy Birthday Ani! We love you!!

This past weekend, Kylie got to enjoy Saturday afternoon with Jeanne and Ellie for lunch then the Orlando Art Museum for a little culture and story time. Sean and I enjoyed a nice quiet lunch and we were able to breeze thru some errands. What a huge difference when you don’t have to strap in a sassy 3yr old each time. Then around 5pm Kylie came home and in turn we got to watch Ellie and Sagan so that their parents can enjoy a nice relaxing dinner. Sean of course cooked up a delicious meal which the girls ate every bit followed by an ice cream treat with their choice of sprinkles. Sunday we met the Zanegoods at Aqua-tica in the morning and then we met the Keefer’s at Ep*cot in the afternoon. My new “extra” day off a week, Sean and I try to catch a movie.

Kylie’s favorite things to say:
“That’s my favit” (favorite)
“What’s that? what’s that? what’s that???”
“I need to” We’ll ask why did you do that and she’ll say “I need to”
“You come to my house”
“I no wanna nap”
“I no wanna rest”
“I no wanna sleep”
“I no wanna quiet time”

And she shrugs her shoulders…a lot. Very entertaining our little one…she knows way too much. Also, not that there was ever any doubt but we do not need to get her hearing checked. She can hear us just fine…trust me. She hears Sean and I whispering to each other or she must have somewhere along the way learned to read lips. She has mastered the art of selective listening. Oh and we can no longer say things to people in front of her, about her. She completely understands EVERYTHING we say and it has come back to haunt me. My little girl is growing up way too fast…

Sean is enjoying being a stay at home dad for the summer. I believe that the one on one attention Kylie is getting from her Daddy have both helped develop her vocabulary and it has spoiled her rotten! Kylie enjoys her cooking lessons with her Daddy and I do believe she can crack an egg better than I can – lol! DH on the other hand enjoys adult conversation now more than ever! Ha, ha! He is a loving and wonderfully attentive father. There are a few and “interesting” employment opportunities presenting themselves but we are not ready to give up our summer vacation just yet…or are we…?? Stay tuned.
Going to bed now. It's late, I'm tired and blogger is not cooperating with me tonight. I'll post more pics later.


Barb said...

Judy, I am Corey and Kristen's Mom. I'm sure you remember Emily Xian. Can you tell me what software you use for your pictures. I love doing things with my pictures of the grandkids and would love to use it. You can send me the info at I have been enjoying watching Kylie grow since you came home!!
Nana to Emily Xian and four others

Anonymous said...

Sean, Judy and Kylie: We are so glad to hear that things are going well for you all and hope to see you soon. I have taken Sean's lead and decided to leave my job. I'm planning to take a couple of years off to spend with Caris and Doug traveling then find some work when Caris goes to school..... Call ME!!!! Love Tammy

Don and Be said...

Joanna Mei is home! After jet lag recovery and some attachment issue processing, we'll have to do the water park at Dr Phillips.
Be & Don