Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's official!!

I didn't mean to keep you hanging for so long!! Pls forgive me. You guys are pretty darn smart! DH tried to distract you by listing all sorts of different places and you didn't fall for it - lol!! We had some pretty good guesses and some were right on. So without further adieu....we are moving to SINGAPORE!!!!! We accepted our employment offer Tuesday night. Then the mountain of paperwork started trickling in. We had pretty much made up our minds way before that as evident by listing our home for rent with a property mgmt company the Saturday before. As you can imagine, we've been pretty busy. I've gone thru a wave of emotions from feeling a bit sad about leaving my company of 15yrs and leaving my current awesome boss, to this renewed energy and excitement about the amazing adventure ahead of us. We are so thankful for the loving and encouraging support of our family and friends. Thank goodness also for my friends who love to shop! We've sold most of our furniture without having to have a garage sale which I was dreading. We've secured a small storage unit for some of the items that we plan to keep.

How do you explain to a 3yr old this life changing event? We take it a day at a time. Kylie is noticing that some of her toys are disappearing, and she watched our furniture being moved out today. She was happily running around the house today with her cousins who had driven up from Tampa. She was treated to a day at Sea*World which included alot of sugar treats while DH and I ran errands which included purchasing 2 new suitcases. Kylie has been spending alot of quality time with her good friend Ellie so that we can run around and get stuff done. She knows where Singapore is on the map and she understands she will be going on a long plane ride. In fact she told me today she wanted to go "right now" and she gestured to the front door as if Singapore would be just on the other side of it.

Add to all of this whirlwind excitement that I now have laryngitis (not officially diagnosed) but I've lost my voice - ugh!

I'll post some pics at a later date. Unfortunately, we will not be able to share specifics about our jobs due to contractual obligations. I will definitely share lots of pics of our travel and new home. We are moving right after Christmas. No official date yet. Some tidbits - Singapore is an island. Everything that I've heard and read about it is positive. Everyone there "speak a da language" so it should be a good transition as far as getting around goes. It is a big city complete with high rises bustling with lots of activities. Add to this they have tropical weather year round - my absolute favorite. In addition to Singapore being one of the cleanest places and having the lowest crime rate, it is also very strict which is in part the reason for the latter. Singapore is 10,352 miles from Orlando and 13hrs ahead during daylight savings time:-)

We look forward to having you follow us along on this journey. Thank you for all of your well wishes, comments, e-mails and phone calls. We are heading towards a wild ride and we promise to bring you all with us - lol!!!

Lisa, thanks for tagging me. I wanna play but it will have to wait as I started this post at 9pm and it is now almost midnight!!


The Murphy Family said...

We are thrilled for you! I'm sure that Kylie will adjust fine and is the perfect age for such an adventure with Mom & Dad. God bless you all for a safe and amazing journey.

Donna said...

Wow! What excitement lays ahead! Can't wait to see and read all about it! We've been talking about doing something similar but the right opportunity hasn't come along (yet).


Don and Be said...

Yikes! A week out of Blogdom and look what happens! Congratulations! God bless y'all! We will follow your journey!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I would say that this singapore shopping directory offers a lot of selections too. Might be useful for you or your readers.

Barb and Ken said...

Judy, what on opportunity for you and your family. It is the perfect time in Kylie's life to make this move. I wish you all happiness in your new location, home and jobs. Be sure to write!!
Nana to Emily Xian
and four others

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading all about your journey.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

OMG OMG OMG, we are driving to Virginia and all of the sudden your comment posts onto my crackberry. Of course I ran right over to your blog to check it out and I see your amazing news!!! Call me when u get a chance on my cell at 305-793-4845. I want to talk to u before life gets even more hectic than it is now.

Huge congrat and hugs

Lisa said...

Holy cow! Singapore? And wait a minute... how did I not realize you live here in "O"-Town??? Yeesh!

How exciting and scarey and fun and exciting, etc... that you are moving to Singapore!!! Kylie will do great... she's at a great agee! Can't wait to see what lies ahead for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Before you leave do purchase a Lonely Planet travel guide book for Singapore and another for the South Asia region. The books will be really useful for the beginning to recommendations to food and areas of interest. Jon and I use the books in our travels and we have always been happy with their recommendations.

Colleen said...

OH MY GOD!! See what happens when I am not surfing blogs? I cannot believe this. Congratulations. What a move....but I must say I am pissed because we are coming down in the summer and I was hoping to meet you! Daggit. I can't wait to hear and see more about your adventure. So cool.

Shana said...

I am so excited for you guys!! Wow, Singapore!! That is amazing! I must admit, I am a little jealous that you are able to do this. So, I will live vicarioulsy through you and experience all of your adventures from our house in Maitland:) Don't forget about us! Kylie will be so big the next time we see her:(