Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's play a guessing game...

Lot’s of exciting stuff going on in our house…we’ve been doing some spring cleaning – yes I know it’s fall…we’ve been de-cluttering and may I add it feels like loads of off our shoulder. I’ve started a “for sale”, donate and a storage pile. So are you guys starting to see a pattern here and are now wondering why?

Sean was starting to long for “project type” employment similar to what he did several years ago which required extensive travel. Only this time according to DH, it needed to be a project where Kylie and I could be right along side with him. So, he started inquiring about it. Although I was very supportive, my first thought was as long as it doesn’t involve us moving to another state because I’m not interested. Then it happened, an opportunity became available and now Sean and I had to ponder over what it meant for our family. What if it meant moving not just to another state, but somewhere completely different and totally out of the ordinary? What if not only would DH have an opportunity to be a part of a big and exciting project but I could be a part of it as well? We’d be able to visit a part of the world that we normally would not have gone to on our own. We could possibly vacation to places that we normally wouldn’t if we just stayed here settled and content in our comfort zone. We would have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and expose Kylie to adventures we could only dream were possible?

Well, the thoughts and dreams are becoming a reality. We have both received job offers and we are taking the weekend to seriously consider it. Heck, we are MOVING!!! So, anybody want to guess where we are heading to for the next 3 years or so??? I thought it would be interesting to hear what some of your guesses may be. If you already know feel free to participate by typing in just the first initial. I will post again next week with an update. I’ll give you a hint, it will be out of the country - lol! Did I already allude to that? We will be gone within a month. In the meantime, please excuse me while I go back to breathing in my brown paper bag:-)


The Murphy Family said...

I can't believe you'll be gone within a month! I am so, so thankful that you helped me with my blog so we can keep in touch while you're away. We wish you the best on your new adventures and can't wait to read all about 'em!

Kelly And Allison said...

I heard the news. All I can say is jealous jealous jealous. Having done that few times and I guess still the case, I can honestly promise you it will be a lifetime experience you will enjoy and appreciate for the rest of your life. S is a very beautiful country. Clean and SAFE. Actually offical language is Chinese so Kylie will come back be able to speak Chinese. You will be able to travel all over the area. I am so jealous. Go for it. You wouldn't regard it. The economic environment we have here in the States, this is the BEST thing that could happen. Have a great time and blog blog blog so we can share your experience.

Anonymous said...

My guess is...uhmmm

Saint Barthélemy
Saint Helena
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Martin
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
São Tomé and Príncipe
Saudi Arabia, wait.. NO! Done that.
Sierra Leone
Slovakia –Slovak Republic
Solomon Islands
South Africa
South Ossetia
Sri Lanka
or Puerto Rico...

What do I win? Maybe a one way

Barbara Jones (Zea) said...

How exciting! New adventures. Scary but like you said you'll get to do stuff that you'll never get the opportunity to do. I just hope is not cold.

Anonymous said...

Sean & Judy,
We noticed that there is a certain S country that speaks Chinese that you left out of your list! WOW! How cool! Can we come visit you????

Details, details!
Caroline & John, Karyn & Alex (visiting for the weekend)

Anonymous said...

Now you will have to start a new blog...ourjourneytos......blogspot!


Barb and Ken said...

OMG, where are you going????
Nana to Five

Barbara Jones (Zea) said...

Sean is definitely tricky...but if he left the country out...then it is Singapore. This is far!

Farrah said...

I was thinking Singapore too!

Shana Giroux said...

I can't believe you are leaving. Just when we were getting to know you:( Sounds like you guys are excited though, so I am truly happy for you. So, will you be back here in 3 years? So guessing by the S in it I am going to guess Singapore. Is it? Wow, how amazing for you guys!! Wherever it may be!

Rita said...

Wow Judy, where ever it is, it sounds great and exciting! i have the travel bug too, and would love to move somewhere else... Let us know what's going on. We're going to miss you! i hope you plan on having a spare bedroom (or two) avail for your friends back home to visit....

azuree321 said...

Wow, are we excited for you. You will want to make that home for sure. I beleive it is Shaghai. We truly wish you the very best in all that you do there and that you continue to be truly blessed and be a blessing to all those who will surround you. Kylie came to this world for something grand and she with the support and love beyond what you can ever imagine from both her parents will take you all far...The Renos

The Zanegood said...

Happy and sad. I am all over the map (No pun intended)!


Lisa said...

Hey Judy! You have now been tagged if you care to do it. Check out my blog