Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

From our family to yours, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year!! We've already had our celebration as our time zone is 12 hrs ahead from the states. We had a lovely evening with friends.

Today we are excited because our furniture will be arriving - yeah!! It took us several hours but we were able to pick out furniture for the entire apt. We will hopefully have everything we need to stay in our apt by today or tomorrow.

I finally have some pics to show you but Kylie is tugging at my arm because it is time for breakfast.  So I will post more pics later.  Stay safe!

Happy Birthday to my sister Yolanda!! She is a new year's eve baby. I love you Sis!

Kylie calls this the "crazy" or "silly bridge because it is quite colorful. This is walking distance from our hotel.
It actually looks much nicer in the evening with lights
Christmas tree in the main lobby of our new apt building
Signage in MRT (train station) So far we have been breaking a few rules:-)
Our first evening out. In case you ar wondering, I had a nice cobb salad. I am however having a bit of a difficult time finding stuff I like to eat. I'm sticking to pizza and other western style food as quickly as I can find it.
Kylie at the Orlando airport as we were heading out


The Poche's said...

Happy New Year to you guys! And what a new year it will be. Love the pictures, can't wait for more.

The Poches

Barbara Jones (Zea) said...

Happy New Year! I can't wait to hear about your life in SG in 2009. I'm sure you'll find food that you like.... eventually. =)

The Murphy Family said...

God bless and Happy New Year to you all!! Glad to hear you made it safely and are enjoying it so much already. Kylie looks really happy (and so do you:)

Don and Be said...

Looks like a fine transition!
Happy New Year, Y'all!

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year. I am so glad that you all are settling in! It is fun reading about all your adventures.

By the way. the girls were asking about Kylie when we were at Mom and Dad's on Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys made it! Happy New Year! The neighborhood's not quite the same especially since a strange car has been parked at your house all week (I'm all over it!)
Best wishes for your New Year and Judy...I wish you good hair.

Take care!