Sunday, January 04, 2009

Our condo

It's beginning to feel like a home. Furniture is in, we have internet and as much as I complain about too much TV, I was going stir crazy without it and we finally have one. 

I feel very fortunate that hubby is making sure that Kylie and I have everything we need. It helps too that he made us a couple of dinners and he is a pretty darn good cook. We've gone grocery shopping several times and the prices on food can be pretty expensive like $8.00 for Kraft's Mac & Cheese, $9.00 for a bag of chips and can you believe $18 for Haagen Dazs Ice Cream?!?! We went to CPK with our friends the H's on Saturday and that was such a treat for me. I played Badminton yesterday for the first time and I had a great time. Kylie is enjoying herself. Except for the occassional 3yr old stubborness, she seems to be enjoying herself and her new school. She is such a trooper!

Tomorrow is my first day at work so this is just a quick post. These are some pics of the apt before. I'll post pics with the furniture later on this week.

Kylie was excited about our pool view. I caught her jumping in mid air.
Click on image to enlarge

Barbara - Bruiser is with a friend Yoly who used to watch him for us when we'd go away on vacation. She has another Min Pin and they have a doggy door with a big back yard. We miss him but it is comforting to know he is quite happy and in a great home where I can get updates on all of his mischief.  Thanks Yoly!

Kerri - We were hoping to see you guys before we left but we were down to the wire. In fact, we were still purging stuff in our hotel room xmas morning at 2am. We are pretty sure we1 made someone's xmas at the hotel with all of the stuff we ended up having to leave behind - lol!

Lynn - Thanks for being all over it! By the way, I didn't mean to leave my phone holder. If someone hasn't claimed it maybe you can send it to me, pretty please?!?!


azuree321 said...

Hi Judy,

Everyting looks lovely. Can't wait to see it with all of the furniture because you guys have great taste. Kylie does look like she is loving it. Hope you day at work was absolutely all you wanted!

Take Care,

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Awesome digs!! So happy that you are settling in. I hope that your first day was awesome!

Barbara Jones (Zea) said...

Nice view. I too like the pool! Glad to hear Bruiser is w/ Yoly.

Barb and Ken said...

glad all is going well. Kylie looks so happy. I hope you love your job! By thr way, when I click on the pictures, they don't enlarge. Maybe it's my computer.
Have fun,