Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Trying to make up for the lack of photos. Enjoy!

Our new kitchen. 
Furniture arrived
Sights around town
A different view of the "silly" bridge.

Pretty decor at the mall.
Kylie's new favorite place in the pool area at our apt. complex


Kelly said...

It's all so nice! I love how colorful everything seems to be, and your place is great. Love the shiny floors and huge window.

Kelly And Allison said...

The place looks great. I love all the lanterns. it must have something to do with the Chinese New Year just around the corner. Hope all going well. Looks like Kylie is having a lot fun there.

Best Wishes!

Shana said...

It all looks wonderful! Except for those hefty grocery prices! WOW! How cool that you will celebrate CNY there this year, probably a lot cooler than CNY in "Chinatown" in downtown Orlando. LOL!

Kelly said...

Oh, and I hope they are paying you guys enough to make up for those hefty grocery prices. A cost of living raise is in order!

azuree321 said...


How beautiful all seems to be. Love the shiny floors. What kind are they? I actually think the kitchen is darling. You guys look like your are fitting in beautifully. Keep them coming!!

Anonymous said...

Judy- These pic are great! I am so glad to see that you are getting settled. I need to see if it is cheaper to ship you the staples (i.e. mac & cheese and chips).

Let me know if you need anything!


The Zanegood said...

Missing you all.

Yolanda said...

Hey sis I finally got around to take a look at the blog it has been a while bueno anyway just want to say that i love the pics but especially what you wrote about the chocolate milk and the twinkies lol it brought back lots of memories of me being a kid well miss you and serena loves the red dress that kylie has on she wants one to in her size
miss you much hope to hear from you soon... Love your sis Yoli