Thursday, January 15, 2009

CNY Preparations

The whole island is buzzing with Chinese*New*Year preparations. We've been venturing out on the weekends exploring new places. We have not taken any touristy tours yet but we are not ruling them out either. It is so easy to get around town via public transportation. Even Kylie learned the names of each train stop to and from school before I did. Speaking of school, Kylie loves it and she is learning quite a bit. We sat down for dinner Friday night at a new Thai restaurant (new to me) and Kylie showed me that she could write the letter Q, V, X and attempted a few others that were not as apparent to me. But imagine how impressed and proud I was to see that she has learned this in just one week into her new school? 

I love my new job. I'm busier than ever and best of all I know what the heck I'm doing. We have alot of fun in the office and everyone has such a great personality. We laugh alot and everyone is working together as a team. From the moment I walked in the office after orientation on my first day, the team had a great laugh at my expense. You see, I had just discovered that Sean and I would be working together side by side and I do mean our desks are next to each other with a short cubicle divider in between. That seemed to break the ice right away and not once did I feel like the newbie or an outsider or a foreigner - well you get the idea. I have to admit it's been great working next to my hubby. He is so helpful and a great resource not to mention he is freakin' smart too. Another perk is that I've had a permanent lunch buddy:-) We will be working together in the same office for a few months. Then we will go to our respective locations. 

More tidbits on my new adventures to come. In the meantime I have tons of pictures to share. I just haven't taken the time to crop them. So I hope you still enjoy the real deal!

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