Saturday, January 17, 2009

Simple pleasures

Today we enjoyed a day of leisure. We actually had a lovely long scenic walk and we let Kylie pass out at 3pm. She slept until a little after 5pm which usually means trouble getting her down for the night. But today was special. No worries, just relax and enjoy the simple pleasures including a sugary donut sweet after 9pm. We are not losing it here in S'Pore, we are just enjoying the simple pleasures of tropical evening breezes and enjoying conversations with friends by the pool. Of course, Kylie was wired which was fine as she was having a blast. She finally slowed down around 11pm and she and I came back upstairs to call it a night. Her happiness brought me back to the good old days when happiness for my sister and I meant a glass of chocolate milk and whatever host*ess treat we had in the pantry right before bed. Now as an adult that simple pleasure meant an *appletini* or Malibu* & pineapple topped with an adoring husband and perfect daughter to complete the perfect Saturday.

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Shana said...

ahhh, the simple pleasures at any age are just great!