Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to *IKEA*

Welcome to our *IKEA* showroom. We've become quite efficient in our space planning. Most of our furniture serves multiple purposes. I'm actually getting used to living in half the space than we are used to. There is less to clean - yeah! We've gotten pretty creative with the space planning so the space does not feel cramped. It is still a work in progress but most of you have expressed interest in seeing our new without further adeu...

We are walking distance from *IKEA* I thought big deal...and then I became a fan...
Our livingroom.
The chaise on the sofa is storage space. This couch is also a sofa bed. Talk about multi-purpose!!
Kylie's room is still a work in progress. The bed frame is actually one huge storage area. The bookcase is a bit lonely for now.

This multi-purpose room is Kylie's playroom as well as a guest room and Sean's closet is in here as he was generous enough to let me have my very own in the master bedroom.

More pics to come!


The Murphy Family said...

Awesome Judy!! Looks like home to me!! Thank goodness for your blog. We love being able to be a part of this!

Kelly And Allison said...


The room looks great. Looks like you guys have settled in nicely. I may take on your offer to go visit. I have never been there myself. I love your last post about simple pleasure in life. Couldn't agree more.

Enjoy the Chinese New Year! I was thinking going back just for a week, but couldn't go because my project. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure.


Don and Be said...

Nice digs!

Shana said...

Wow, it looks great! Ikea is awesome! You guys have done a great job of settling in.

azuree321 said...

Absolutely beautiful. Great taste - you guys should go into the design business as well. Take care - love the blog! Happy Chinese New Year!

Donna said...

Oh to be walking distance from Ikea! I can almost hear my credit card screaming!

I love your style!

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