Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sky Tour

One of my coworkers planned and arranged a little outing for us. My department which currently consists of 10 people, decided to go on a sky tour during our lunch break. It was a great way for us to see the progress of our construction site. I'm thrilled to be able to share these pics with you. We live on a beautiful island and every day for work we get shuttled into yet another beautiful island.  Our commute consists of a short walking distance to the MRT (train station), 4 train stops, drop Kylie off and right outside her school we catch the resort shuttle bus to work.  It just couldn't be more convenient than that. My first day riding to work almost 3 wks ago and even now occasionally, I get goose bumps from the amazing sights on my way to work. 

Isn't this picture just breathtaking?!?!

Pic below - Top right is a port. On the left is a huge mall and next to it is Kylie's school. This is the bridge we cross daily. Bottom is one of the hotels in progress.

We watch huge cruise line ships arrive and depart regurlarly. We're getting cruise fever...

Singapore's icon - Merlion


Barb and Ken said...

What a fantastic opportunity for all of you. You are experiencing so much. I just love your pictures. Post as many as you can!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I have been really enjoying your posts and I am sorry for being a lazy commenter.

We really missed you in Orlando for CNY.

I really admire you and Sean's gumption. You are living your dreams and Kylie is the beneficiary.

If you Skype,let me know so we cal catch up soon.


azuree321 said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Looks like Daytona beach here....LoL. You couldn't have had a better opportunity to jump in and savour life. It will change you guys forever. A great big hug for Kyle. She is so sweet. Take care guys. Steve sends his regards,

Lillian & Steve

Shana said...

Wow! Looks amazing and sound like the commute couldn't be better. So great!!