Sunday, March 01, 2009


We went to the beach today! We got together with a few friends to celebrate our friend Jen's "forty two-rrific" birthday. The beach is located on the island where we work. Although I've yet to join them, some of our colleagues go to the beach for lunch. Enjoy a glimpse of where we work and play. I have to warn you though, some of the photos you are about to see look like we are on vacation, but please do not be fooled...we are working very hard to get this project up and running:-)

The entrance to the Island
The Beach - I LOVE the Palm Trees!

Happy girl!
It's aaaallll good!
Happy in Sing Sing
A visitor
Picture perfect!!
Wish you were here!
The monorail to and from. There are aslo cable cars that we have yet to experience.
We will be moving to this site office on April 1st. The office overlooks the inter coastal and the port for cruise ships. It's beautiful! It was raining when I took this photo.
The Port.  Some day my shipment will arrive...sigh...
Universal*Studios*Singapore.  Very exciting stuff!


The Poche's said...

Hey Jude,

The pictures look awesome and so do you all! We miss you!

Love, The Poches

Don and Be said...

I could adapt ......

azuree321 said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Shana said...

Man, I want to work in a place like that! How gorgeous!