Saturday, March 14, 2009


Every weekend Kylie would look through our window towards the pool and often comment about the  people swimming out in the pool. The people she was referring to are instructors and their eager students with the black and bright orange wet suits. She often told me that she wanted to join them. One Saturday as we were spending a relaxing morning by the pool, I decided to observed an instructor. I was so impressed with how great he was with the little ones that I decided to ask him a few questions. One thing led to another and next thing you know we formed a new little swim team to begin lessons the following week. We feel that Kylie is a pretty good swimmer as evident by our previous videos where she was swimming before she had even turned two! However, the swim lessons are focusing on the importance of breathing techniques. I'm very impressed by how brave and resilient the girls always seem to be. They got a little water up their nose and they were ready to try it again. Our little friend William got a little water up his nose and well let's just say he was not happy about that and let everyone know. The Instructor was pretty good at calming him down although William looked all over for his mom whom I was trying to hide. Thank goodnes it was the end of that lesson. Boys are so silly! -lol! Let's just hope Kylie thinks so until she's at least in her 20's. Here are just a few of the cute pics from their second lesson and Kylie's new friends.


Barb and Ken said...

Kylie looks so adorable in her wet suit. She is experiencing so many new things because of your move. I check your blog just about every day for new posts:~)
Take care and enjoy,

Shana said...

I love the matching wet suits, too cute! Glad she is having such a great time!

The Murphy Family said...

Oh my gosh. She is so darn cute. Love the wet suit!!!