Sunday, March 29, 2009

St. Patty's

A little late posting but here it is. We enjoyed a little St. Patty's celebration here in S'Pore. We had a fun time with friends. It poured down rain just as the parade started. The parade kept going as we took cover. We managed to catch up with the activities on the other side. It was quite interesting to say the least complete with Asian bag pipers. I got a kick out of that. I took lots of video which unfortunately is still in the camera. Anyway, the committee in charge of putting this whole thing together must have a great sense of humor. There were several Star*Wars characters in full gear also part of the the parade and then photo op. What the heck to they have anything to do with St. Patty's day - lol!! After the activities most of the group went to an Irish Bar & Grill for some good food and more fun. I'm loving this place! There's a little bit of everything for everyone!
Sean and I have our 10 year wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks!! We are planning an exciting trip to Hong Kong to celebrate the occassion!!! Kylie is thrilled and keeps asking when we are going to "Hong Konk". We haven't even told her we are going to Disney*land yet!


Kelly And Allison said...

That looks like a lot fun. You will love Hong Kong especially if you love food and shopping.If you are celebrating something special, I highly recommend a revolving restaurant it is called R66 or something like that. It offers unbelievable view of Victoria Harbor. Very romantic. They serve international buffet, live classic music. It is a must stop for me every time I visit Hong Kong.

Camera. I use Nikon D80 and love it. I am shopping for a new camera also, decided to skip D90 go for D300 directly. I am taking a photography class and people who has D90 are happy with it, it has video although they said it is not working too well. It has 12bit image compare to 10bit for D80. Our instructor told me D90 is very nice. If you want to go higher, D200 has the best value but they are going to discontinue the model. I choose D300 because it is one step faster in every category than D90 and body material is more weather resistant. I travel too much plus beach visits. Plus the girls are growing up too fast and I want to capture every moment before they tell me to back up stop taking their pictures.. :)

Have fun. Looking like you are having a great time. Let me know before you go visit China. I will tell you some tricks.


Ann said...

looks like you guys are soaking in the world....glad things are going okay and so so much to do...

azuree321 said...

Hey Judy,

Yes, it looks like you are having a blast but I think Kylie is loving it more. Keep them coming. I love to see all that you are all doing! Can't wait to see the pics of Hong Kong!!!